Capsule Confidential: The Humble Cardi

Post by Aoife

I’ve never really been a cardigan girl, until now. They used to remind me of either misshapen affairs with self-made holes through the cuffs during a particularly mind numbing maths class, dowdy twin-sets or a mad aunt, hippy look. But when treated with the respect it deserves, the cardigan can be a lifesaver, adding interest to an outfit or providing necessary and stylish warmth on a chilly day.

The latest resurgence in interest in the cardi can arguably be traced back to Sienna Miller, who, since she got her hair cut into that shaggy bob, has been killing it again in the style stakes. Gone are the boho days, replaced with a more grown up look while retaining her stamp of personality.

Sienna-Miller-TMCM- RexThis is a great everyday look that anyone could pull off, it looks put-together and professional without being mumsy. The cardigan adds more interest than your average v-neck sweater, and can be found in any high-street shop (or your local school uniform supplier!*)


There was, and still is, a big love of long cosy cardigans, particularly around Uni students, which can be a warm but tricky one to get right. Luckily we have Olivia Palermo on hand to show us how it’s done.

Olivia Palermo - TMCMAnd let’s not forget how she so chicly threw a cardi over her wedding dress! Be still my beating heart – perfection.

olivia-palermo-wedding-outfit-600x450Cardigans are brilliant transitional pieces too, naturally ideal for layering. Plus they’re good for travelling if you’re going from one climate to another, not to mention they can be rolled up into a lovely pillow.


307a471ba84de532bba7efb1b5b494af…Spring/Early Autumn…


Men can get in on the action too: It can look a bit try hard and hipstery if you’re not careful, but let’s be honest; if you’re wearing a cardigan in a non Geography-teacher-with-patches-on-the-elbows way, that’s probably the look you’re going for (and I think it looks kinda good).

men-cardigan-style-street-stylestreet-style-mens-cardigan-400x295And, if you’re in any doubt about adding a few cardigans to your capsule wardrobe, look no further than Chanel’s S/S15 collection – Giselle strutted out wearing this lovely lightweight number.giseleSee more of our Capsule Confidential collection here and here, or click on the tag at the top of the page. What’s your go to outfit saver? Suggestions and chat always welcome on Twitter and Facebook!

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