How to Look Cool in the Cold

From the archives: First published November 11th 2013

Post by Miriam

Winter has come.

And I’m not sure if I’m cool with that. I am a big, big fan of autumn and the style that it requires but winter, well, it’s a cold, wet, dark, miserable other story. Once your nose starts dripping all over your scarf because it’s covering half of your face you know you’re in for a long slog – sartorially speaking – until spring.

Vogue Paris crew
The French Vogue crew

I don’t care what anyone says, unless you’re the French Vogue crew who get ferried around from place to place on their whim so wear shoes without socks nonchalantly and don’t even carry a bag because they don’t need to pay for stuff or reapply their make-up after it gets washed off in the snow or melted off in over-heated shops and cafés, for everyone else in the whole world, looking stylish in winter is a bloody chore I tells ya.

As much as I would like to spend the next three (ok let’s face it five) months wearing long-johns and a sleeping bag I am facing up to facts and…looking at this dilemma with a glass half full kind of attitude. And so I have come up with these 4 tips on how to survive winter in the chicest possible way.

1. Have 2 coats

Yes, two. You need one that’s just the cosiest, warmest, blanketiest one possible for those days when you just don’t care (of course they’re allowed!) Ski-jacket type coats are available everywhere and remember, the more padding the better.

The second one, well, that’s a bit trickier. But not a lot! The secret with a winter coat is that dressed up in the right way it can be totally transformed. That’s why I recommend plain colours – various shades of grey or black. Muted greens and reds can do the job as well… Those colours are simply better for matching with a host of different colours; it will save you in the long term.

If you’re a fan of colour, or are not particularly keen on wearing dark colours in gloomy months, you should definitely don a coloured coat. I’m just saying that if you can only afford one new coat this winter go for one that will see you through at least a few more winters to come.

Winter Brunch
My winter brunch look. This coat is from Penney’s!

2. This leads nicely onto…Accessories.

Of course you need a scarf, hat and gloves but why stop at only one version of each? If you are scrimping on coats go wild on the accessories and I’m sure you have a good few pieces you can resurrect from previous years. Don’t deny it.

It sounds simple, but put down on writing it’s an epiphany – a combination of different accessories (and we’ll include shoes in this one) can utterly transform a winter outfit.

Not restricted to woolly hats either of course!

 3. Black with a splash

This is going back to my love of a blank slate, but you must agree that sometimes all you want to wear in winter is black blackedy black. It’s easier! The only thing to do though, is add a splash of colour or print. I am always wearing head to toe black but with a red bag slung across me all night (I keep my possessions close.) The simplest solution is to wear an indoors scarf – which means you can double scarf outside, hurray! – or a bright pair of shoes.

Black with leopard print
That coat had been hiding in her wardrobe for years!

4. Dare to bare

Ok you may shudder at the thought of this one but hear me out – sometimes it works to go bare-legged in winter. As you well know CM and I are major tights fans so I don’t mean for you to bare your actual skin – I don’t go near tan or Sally Hansen during winter, it’s my denier friends for me! – but a skirt and bare looking legs is quite unexpected during the winter months and has great potential to look very fetching.

Winter bare legs

But tread carefully:

Tacky winter girls
Words can’t express…

You know what? I’m actually getting excited about winter now! I’m looking forward to trying out my different accessories combinations and enjoying all the other things about winter. Hot whiskeys, lovely fires, Christmas, warm stews – hey, it’s not so bad after all.

bare legs and coat

I’ve convinced myself, have I convinced you? Let us know below!


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