Winter Weekend Wardrobe Guide

Post by CM

With all these yellow weather warnings, frozen mornings and whisperings of snow I feel like I’m being acclimatised to my impending weekend break to Gdansk, Poland. They don’t call bitterly cold conditions Baltic for nothing, so I’m thinking long and hard about what to pack in my tiny Ryanair friendly suitcase.

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Obviously things are going to be tight, what with the bulky winter jumpers I really have no choice but to include. So first things first – I’ve taken the drastic decision to pack but two pair of heels and one pair of flats, while wearing my sensible boots on the flight. And considering this is coming from someone who took four pairs of stillettos with her last week to Dublin for ONE night away (I needed options!), you can see that practicality is (almost) the name of the game.

10947225_10152973364925926_1587621947254694086_nAs for those jumpers, I’m taking a grand total of two, two or three lighter numbers, plus a number of t-shirts for layering and a denim shirt.

10929926_10152973364880926_2538196303431351982_nThree pairs of pants (one pair of jeans for travelling, another spare pair and black tuxedo pants), two dresses and two tightly rolled skirts should get me by. Actually I already have way too much. But as you can see I’m more or less sticking to a colour pallette, which means I’ll have HUNDREDS of choices!

10402968_10152973364675926_67364519890347548_nAnd even after aaalll of that, in addition I’m also going to shove in my hair straightener and hope for the best that there’s a hair dryer where we’re staying! My toiletries, little roll of jewellery, passport, wallet, hairbrush and glasses will fit in my handbag, thanks to Ryanair’s relaxation on the cabin baggage rules. Yay! Might even fit in an extra top or two…

10362538_10152973364650926_4744575283033030452_nOops, forgot to add my charger to that list. Did you know that that it’s the item most forgotten about in hotel rooms? Of course my under garments are stuffed in there too (but you don’t want to see those – this isn’t that kind of blog) and of course the required gloves, hat and ear-warmers – and I will be wearing a coat and scarf!

vogue-feb-11-p34-raymond-meier_b_426x639So Gdansk here we come!

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