Capsule Confidential: Little Black Pumps

Post by TM

I’m a shoe addict. I go directly to the shoe department of any store that I happen into and more often than not I exit with a new pair. That they’re usually from Penneys and typically cost about €10 is beside the point. Shoes glorious shoes!

ripped jeans and pumps

It’s rather a silly habit though, for one does not need shoe upon shoe under their bed, in their wardrobe, in their own Shoe Room or, like, wherever one keeps their collection. It does pain me to say it, but five pairs is probably enough and that includes runners, flats and boots.

Ok, ok, there’s always room for a really lovely shoe and there’s no harm in buying an on trend pair every season (to give away in a charity shop purge the next – unless, of course, it falls under the Really Lovely umbrella) but one shoe type that fits firmly into the capsule wardrobe is The Black Pump.

Emman Ger

Black pumps can be high or low, round-toed or pointy but for your capsule collection I would recommend the mid-height (not kitten heel! Nor platform of any kind!) pointed variety, as demonstrated by Emmanuelle Alt and her right hand woman Geraldine Saglio above.

The black pump is your friend in any sartorial crisis. Wear with tuxedo trousers, jeans, a midi skirt, a pencil skirt – almost anything really (but I wouldn’t go with a tight, short mini skirt, too back to basics ’80s) – and you elevate your outfit immediately.

I often wear skinnies and a short, small, boyish jumper to work. With the wrong kind of footwear this would look oh so normal but slip on a pair of pumps and you’re practically a member of the French Vogue posse.

skinnies jeans

Your black pumps don’t have to be expensive but they shouldn’t look cheap. The easiest way for a €20 pair of shoes to look, er, like you actually paid €20 for them is the finish. Therefore, the patent look is out. Shine is gorgeous when you break out but it can look really low quality. A matte finish is the way to go; it stands the test of expense much better.

stripes and shoes

Black shoes may seem boring and obvious but they’re so versatile. You wear them in any season – yes, even summer – to work, dancing, to the pub. Wear them with your other capsule essentials, dark skinnies (see our post on why you need them in your wardrobe here) and your camel coat (find out why it could be the only overcoat you need to own here) and you’re the chicest gal in town.

pumps, jeans, skirt
See, you can wear your black pumps with anything!

Keep in touch for our next Capsule Confidential – coming soon!


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