Looks From The Golden Globes ’15 To Use In Every Day Life

Post by TM

First thing’s first – Emma Stone’s was my absolute favourite entire look of the night. Modern, chic perfection. For me, Dakota Johnson came second. Controversial yes, but I think she rocked it.

Emma Stone Dakota Johnson
Emma Stone + Dakota Johnson

Might I add that the footwear both ladies slipped their dainty hooves into were both totally lust-worthy.

But I’m sure you have your own opinions on who looked fab and who looked drab (and there were a good few blah numbers I must say.)

So, instead of rating and slating let’s look at what trends we can pilfer from the first major red carpet of the year. P.S. Look at the necklines on the first five outfits – is the boob tube really back?

  • Yellow
Yellow at the Golden Globes
Naomi Watts + Taylor Swift + Leslie Mann

Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift and Leslie Mann were not the only ones taking the canary, but all three gowns were delicious. The colour yellow threatened to be big last year but never quite made it and it looks like 2015 will be a the Year of Saffron. It’s a difficult colour to get away with but there is a shade to suit all skin tones and hair colour.

  • Subtle Cut-Outs
Baranski Robinson
Christine Baranski + Shaun Robinson

While both Christine Baranski and Shaun Robinson looked seriously damn good (their dress colours couldn’t be more different but they are the perfect shade for each respective lady) it’s the strategic, interesting cutouts that bring their simple, elegant gowns to the next level.  I deliberately left out Kate Hudson, there was nothing subtle about those cut-outs.

  • Revised Hourglass Silhouette
Jessica Chastain

It wasn’t the most daring look of all time but Jessica Chastain struck a chord in her bronze gown. The shape has a sense of art deco decadence about it and the neckline, cinched waist and pleats are perfect for an hourglass shape. Don’t just take it from me:

Marilyn Monroe Gold Dress

  • The New Neckline
Louise Roe, Julia Goldani Telles, Sienna Miller

Plunging necklines were the second most popular after the strapless tube. Luckily, the 2015 version is more structured and classy – only Jennifer Lopez herself was bringing J-Lo Grammys 2000 back. I deliberately left out Kate Hudson (again) who was also time-travelling, she back to Liz Hurley circa 1994.

  • Red Hair and Silver
Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is infuriating – talented, gorgeous, nice (I’m fairly sure) – but I love her. She always stuns in the red carpet and looks so natural doing so. Look at that lovely smile. She made many’s the Best Dressed list for her Golden Globes 2015 ensemble and with good cause. The silver / red hair combo is not often commented on but look how well they compliment each other. Grey will work too. All 50 shades.

– Velvet Jacket

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Clive Owen

Don’t buy a jacket this year – unless it’s velvet.

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