Found It! The Perfect Christmas Day Outfit

Post by TM

Thank the Lord there’s still a little over a week to get your shop on for Christmas. We presume you are as organised as we diligent little mice and have all of your presents bought, wrapped and hidden so now you can focus on your very own self.

It’s hard to decide on what to wear for Christmas Day. It’s a strange one because you are likely to be spending all day with people who you don’t really have to impress (with your sartorial prowess that is, we recommend that you are on your best, merry behaviour! I don’t want to have to tell you that story about the year I ‘ruined Christmas’.) BUT – you somehow do want to look nice. It’s a special occasion after all!

The other side of it is that you want to be comfortable. Why wriggle your way into strapless bandage dress so that you’ll look good in a few family pictures – before the chapters and turkey?

You read that we found it so now I’ll just spill the foil wrapped chocolate coins. The perfect Christmas Day piece is – The Jumpsuit.

Anja Rubik Jumpsuit Street Style

Roll your jaw up from off the marble floor and let me explain. The jumpsuit may have only just come back into favour after a few bouts of terribleness but it really can be the coolest item in your wardrobe. I don’t own one – yet – but I copy the modern idea of the jumpsuit by pairing my loose black tuxedo style-esque trousers with a loose, sheer black shirt, tucked in. Gold shoes and we’re a go go!

In Stella McCartney
Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Stella McCartney

We have our office Christmas party this week and one of my lovely co-workers is wearing a teal coloured jumpsuit. If I had a teal jumpsuit that’s what I would wear too. We could have a style off! If only we could have a style off.

The reason why they are so perfect for Christmas is that the jumpsuits that are available in shops now are cheap, comfortable and stylish. Oh, and they look damn good. But the main thing is my second point – they’re comfortable. Find the right one and you can start the day in heels, end up in your slipper shoes and you will never have to worry about button opening time. Because there is no button, hurray!

Blue Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are flattering – yes, they certainly are! – and look great plain, as demonstrated above. The leather jacket is a brilliant embellishment, in fact, the only embellishment the wearer needs.

2 Patterned Jumpsuits

BUT – they look totally wunnerful patterned too. The two examples above showcase how versatile the jumpsuit is and you know those two gals have not worried about adjusting…anything.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS, Farrah Fawcett, 1976-1981

If I had my way, it would be the Farrah Fawcett (in Charlie’s Angels mode) number above that would be my Christmas Day go-to. It’s practically pyjamas! But it’s so, so glamorous. Gun not included.

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day? Do you dress up or stay all day in your brand new onesie (which is actually kind of a jumpsuit.) We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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