Men’s Christmas – What To Wear During The Festive Season

Post by TM

Generally speaking, men don’t like to wear sparkles at Christmas. Not all women do either, but there’s something about the season they call silly that brings out the sequin loving side to a very good number of us. Yearly Christmas trends come and go – check out what we recommend for 2014 – but velvet, red, gold, silver and sparkles are always acceptable festive attire.

Anyway, enough about that, let’s hear it for the poor neglected boys. What do the male of the species wear at Christmastime (apart from a jingle jangly jumper that is). With parties, events and meetings with the family and friends you haven’t seen since last December galore, you have to wear something. But what?

Here’s where we come in. Happy Christmasss!

1. Nice Pants – that aren’t jeans.

Men's chino style winter

Christmas is the time to bite the bullet and buy some trousers. Trousers that you can wear at midnight mass, Christmas dinner and St. Stephen’s night. Unless you plan on wearing a suit to all of these occasions – and take it from us, there’s no need to buy suit trousers – look at versatile styles like chinos and corduroy.

Stay with me – they won’t turn you into the preppy WASPs who weren’t welcome in Mystic Pizza. TopMan and Uniqlo have good looking, slim-fit (and skinny if you’re that way swayed) flattering offerings that might even bring you to into summer. Buy two pairs, in a dark colour, navy, wine, dark grey or dark green and a lighter colour (like a silvery grey) but avoid beiges – too spring/summer and bad for spilling cranberry sauce on.

2. A good quality, plain shirt

Man shirtThere was a horrifying trend a few seasons back for shirts that had a different colour collar and cuff to the rest of it. Even worse were the shirts that had patterns on the inside collar that you could see when the top buttons were undone. Those shirts are still on sale – don’t buy one!

Striped shirts, shirts with texture and patterned and even plaid shirts have their place but for a fail safe option for Christmas we say buy a well fitting (that’s key) plain coloured, long sleeved button down. Don’t go for white; a blue (dark/light, your choice and ok, denim) will match all of your clothes. Yes, even black.

3. A Pull-Over

Light jumper

I don’t know if the term ‘pull-over’ is still used but that’s what our Dad says so I’m going to stick with it. I have a vague feeling that it might mean a knitted vest sort of thing but what I mean is a light sweater that can fit comfortably over a shirt.

It’s chilly out there and chino style pants are rather draughty. Wear long-johns under them if you’re feeling the nip. Looking up, a jumper with a slight v-neck is just the thing for pulling over your nice blue shirt when the temperatures drop. In case the weather is mild or you’re going to a pub that might heat up, you can get away with wearing this kind of sweater on its own. Just make sure the neck isn’t too low or you’ll end up looking like a cast member of TOWIE.

4. A Good Over-Coat


A good winter coat is a necessity. It really is. There’s nothing sartorially sadder than when you don’t have a proper over coat to tie it all together.

A classic trench is a must but it’s not heavy enough for the cold winter months. By opting for fellow classic styles more suitable for winter like a Crombie, Chesterfield or Guards, you’ve got a coat for life (as long as you keep it well.)

5. Nice Pair of Shoes – that aren’t dress shoes

desert boots

Just because of the pics I’ve used above, I hope you don’t think I’m trying to turn you into a metrosexual or worse (to some eyes) a hipster. I’m not, but Christmas dressing is about looking smart, presentable and comfortable – and I promise the clothing I’ve been recommending is really easy to wear.

You don’t have to buy brogues (but do if you like!) there are other options that will fit with the rest of your outfit(s) like a dark shade of desert boot. If you’re not willing to shell out the big bucks just yet Penneys have a really good mens’ shoe collection at the moment, including desert boots in shades of grey, navy and brown. If you find you like them and want a longer-lasting pair, there’s always the New Year sales!

Chelsea boots are still a yes – they’re great for dressing up a casual outfit without being too formal. Don’t fret, you don’t have to go sock-less or roll up your trousers if you wear either style of shoe – the hem of your nice new pants should be able to fit over the tops.

If you have any comments or questions, leave them in the comments below! And have a happy, stylish Christmas.


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