Polo Opposite: How To Wear A Roll Neck

Post by TM

I only wear polo necks in winter because I restrict myself to black, like Yoko Ono or a young person trying to hide their make-up line and neck spots.

Polo necks / roll necks / turtle necks whatever you wish to call them are divisive garments. I know people who would rather wear something from the Kardashion Kollection than get their necks trapped in a polo. I’m obviously not one of them (and I would never wear an item from KK) but I will admit that a fine line exists in the polo neck spectrum. Without the right guidance, it can go terribly wrong.

Marilyn Monroe Black Polo Neck 682x1024

If you want to get pedantic about it there are slight differences between the different styles of ‘neck’ tops – the length of the neck, the width of the torso – but for the sake of not writing a 10,000 word tome, we’ll lump them all together for this one.

The natural image of the polo neck is skin-tight and black – the beatnik look. It doesn’t have to be this way. Since getting my camel coat I’ve been on the look out for a chunky ribbed polo neck in grey which I think would look spiffing and will keep me warm. Teamed with black tuxedo pants and (oh my God I’ve caught the bug) black New Balance style runners, this could be the template for my winter wardrobe.

Imagine it.

Winter Outfit
When two become one (outfit)

I have another winter ensemble in my mind made up of outfits that I already have in my wardrobe (and you probably do to!); a black mid-length pleated skirt, tan knee-high boots and my black skinny ribbed polo neck. This combination is easy but chic and nods to the 70s trend. A good one for day to night transition for those impromptu festive mid-week pub sessions!

Winter Outfit

Mid-length skirts are everywhere at the moment especially the black variety. I’ll be wearing one handed down by by grandmother that is perfectly pleated and high-waisted. The high waist means I can tuck the polo in and add a belt if I want to, for an early ’80s look, or I can leave it out to lengthen my short little body.

There’s an oft spoken about fashion rule which dictates that women with ample bosom should avoid polo necks. It’s true, they do tend to make big bazookas the main feature of your entire look but if you don’t mind about that, we say go ahead. You want to enhance your God-given assets though, so a good bra is an absolute must. Don’t wear a polo without one. Kim Kardashian wears a polo neck like a trooper.

KK polo

While I would never normally look to KKW for style inspiration, I will admit that this effort is spot on. As usual, she’s letting her figure do the taking (for who wants to hear her actually speak?), but the skirt detail – with a little help from uber supportive inner-wear I suspect – balances out her proportions. I wonder if that ‘Yeezy’ sign behind her is the outfit signature..?

With this cold spell threatening to arrive very, very soon I recommend that you buy a big chunky knit with a roll neck post haste. You will thank me when that chill going down everyone else’s back is blocked and when you forget your scarf/it doesn’t match your outfit. Polo neck wearers – your time is now.

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