Power Suited and Booted

Post by C.M.

As the old mantra goes, you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have, and those wise words are not a bad place to start when thinking about your working wardrobe (unless, that is, you want to be a belly dancer but you work in a bank; it’s probably better to think rationally in that particular situation). But if you’re an intern or working your way up the company ladder it’s always a good idea to dress smartly. 

TMCM NYThis look is pure Noo Yoik, conservative but with an individual defiance shown by the cropped trosers, black opaques and polished shoe-boots. The slight differences in the hue of the greys, and the playing with textures is fresh and modern. I love the slim fit coat and the put-together accents, like the crisp white shirt and skinny black belt.

TMCM Cas Work

If you’re in an environment where it’s safe to add a bit of your personality to your outfit, don’t be afraid to do so. A cool necklace or a statement shoe or jacket can be a good talking point; the woman above works all three! It’s a young look, but looks professional, and most importantly will take you straight from the office to the bar with no need for any Superman-esque ladies room stall changing!


There’s an ongoing grá for the tailored suit, and loads of different ways to fit it to your style – but IMAGINE showing up in this yella number! Not for the faint hearted, but it definitely screams “I’m not to be trifled with, and I’m fabulous”. You might want to add a necklace to the top, or wear a different colour altogether; navy would tone it down a tad, or just go crazy with hot pink. The “is she naked under that jacket?” question should never be uttered in the workplace.

TMCM Work Dress

A long line dress in a neutral colour is a brill addition to your work closet, because it can be styled in so many ways. This is quite a 50s business lady look, but with spiky black heels, the addition of a thick belt, flowing hair and an unexpectedly colourful bag you’d be totally emulating the Amal aesthetic.


Clashing colours are definitely a surprise if your office is full of the usual navys, blacks and greys and a bright pink skirt will indicate that you’re no shrinking violet. I don’t like the shoes, something preppy like the lace-ups Taylor Swift stomps around NYC in would work better.

Like these!

In the news today there are mixed feelings about the appointment of Nórín O’Sullivan as Garda Commissioner, but when all is said and done it should be acknowledged and, yes, celebrated that we have our first woman in the top job on the force. The time has come for us women to have our career aspirations realised, and if you’re so inclined you may as well wear a rockin’ pair of heels while you’re at it.

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