By The Light Of The Silvery Runner

Post by TM

It’s unlike me to write about, to even think about a sports item. Ever since every last pair of my tracksuit bottoms (that I’d had since school for P.E.) mysteriously disappeared from my wardrobe I haven’t bothered to replace them. No need! Yes, I own leggings and hoodies but they are purely for comfort and the occasional hike. 

Speaking of hiking, I recently acquired a pair of hiking boots in Aldi for the incredible price of €19 and they’re not half bad. Comfortable too. You see, I can’t do anything without being properly and acceptably clothed. No hiking boots, no hike!

hermes a:w 2008:2009

I used to go hiking in an ancient pair of runners that got soaked and stinky when I walked in bog so that was the end of them (if that makes it sound like I’m a regular gal-about-the-mountains, let me assure you I’m not but I’m determined to be! Hence the boots.) It took me ages to buy a replacement pair because, well, I’m not sporty and I don’t like runners. Until now.

New Balance Street Style

I don’t know how it happened but runners are a fashion accessory again. Actually I do have some idea and it has something to do with Isabel Marant and her high-top wedge sneakers.

New Balance edged into the scene with their slick design and style friendly look and suddenly fashion people had a good excuse to get down from their heels and out of their ballet pumps and into footwear that was actually comfortable and good for their feet.

I spied a pair of runners in New Look when I ambled in on one of my lunch-time saunters to the Jervis Street Shopping Centre. I was surprised with myself when they caught my eye and told myself that I needed runners for the charity run we are planning on taking part in on Christmas Day. But heck, I’ll admit it, I want to be comfortable in daily life too!

Silver Runners

Of course they are not real runners, since they are from New Look. They probably have terrible support and they will likely get scuffed and marked if I try to wear them for any sort of sporting activity. But they are silver-coloured and that by definition makes them brilliant. They are definitely snug too and it’s really nice to be able to hop, skip and jump in comfort and freedom.

Silver Runners Style

The best thing about silver runners is that they are pretty damn cool. You don’t have to restrict yourself to wearing them with sports gear, thank F, there are plenty of outfits that would be positively enhanced by silver runners.

Suki Waterhouse for Superga
Suki Waterhouse for Superga

I bought them initially because I needed a pair for actual running but now I want to wear them all the time. When choosing to wear runners for reasons other than sport you don’t want to look like you’re merely wearing them because you have a long distance to walk to work, so you have to think a little bit harder about the rest of your outfit.

An outfit I have in mind involves the skirt I mentioned before that I would pair with a chunky knit, but I would subtract the knit and wear a lighter, but loose top. Bare legs, short skirt, your silver runners and a winter coat do look cool but as the temperatures drop, black tights can certainly be worn.

Skirt and silver runners

You can wear them with jeans but the skinnier the better, preferably dark denim and please, no visible socks!

Unless you are exercising, it’s better to try to look polished and chic. This means a good coat, groomed hair and make-up if you’re partial. And when in doubt, black is best.

Black Outfir Silver Sneakers



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