Style Icons: Stone Cold

Post by CM

Happy Birthday to Emma Stone, on this dreary, dull day. Dreary or dull she isn’t however, and in celebration of her big 2 6 we’re going to examine a selection of her best wardrobe choices of the past few years.

Yes, yes, we’ve covered her sartorial choices before, when she pulled out all the stops at Venice this year; her style is very simple, but never boring and a great inspirational start to go to if you’re at a loss at what to wear for a number of occasions.

Casual Winter Street Style




Emma tends to favour a real normcore day style; jeans, sweater over a shirt, flats or boots, a nice bag and a pea coat. Neutral colours are also her go to, complimenting her skin tone and hair colour, whether it’s her naural blonde or trademark red. Now that we’re entering the cold season these are handy looks for every day chic. Cosy little socks and waterproof ankle boots are really kinda essential, and a big statement scarf can take one outfit and make another!

Day Time Photo Call

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 29, 2014



For those film promotions that don’t require a red carpet gown, like a screening, a press conference or an interview, Emma’s got it nailed. She still errs towards block colours but mixes up the colour pallette a bit more. She wore a similar look to the second one down to the Met Gala Ball this year, so proving that clashing colours can have a huge impact, and that an interesting shape can make all the difference. I’d wear the first one on a semi-formal day like Christmas, and number three is suitable for a meeting when you want to keep it fairly sedate while still showing off your fashionable flair.

Red Carpet 




While she plays it somewhat safe, if utterly chic during the day, it’s on the red carpet that Emma comes into her own. Valentino is a go to – floaty, ethereal, feminine – and perfectly suits her playful yet poised personality. I love the two Spiderman 2 premiere ensembles above, the second being ideal for a winter wedding, and her Golden Globe choice is deceptively chaste; the low neckline and hints of skin offering a sophisticated sexiness.

Happy B-Day Emma; long may you continue to develop your personal style, and help us to develop ours!

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