Knitters in a Twist: It’s Chunky Jumper Time!

Post by TM

My t-shirts have been packed away, I’ve abandoned anything tight. This, my friends, is the season of the chunky knit! 

You may not be with me on this one but I am so glad it’s winter. There’s only enough sunshine and warm weather a pale Irish woman with an aversion to tanning, de-fuzzing more than once a week and pedicures can take.

I feel most comfortable wearing a/w clothing – looking cool in the cold is my forte – and I wear chunky jumpers and cardigans every winter regardless of whether they are in style that year or not.

Town Mouse Chunky Knits
Scarf – Parfois, Knit – Aran Islands

A big ‘look’ this winter is going to be mini skirts and knits. Whenever I think of this ensemble I think about the 1950s Ireland depicted in childhood favourite Rosie’s Quest, CM & I dressing up as the characters from Malory Towers in the kilts our nana gave us and obviously, school uniforms. Luckily, the 2014 version of mini skirts and knits is more fashion, less college student dressing as a ‘sexy schoolgirl’ for a fresher’s party.

Miu Miu knit and mini
Just ask Miu Miu (pic:

I know it’s veering even further into school uniform territory but I am imagining the chunky jumper paired with a pleated skirt. However, styled properly, there won’t be a hint of the mutton dressed as lamb about you! So remember, no knee-socks. And definitely no ties. Brogues? Totally acceptable.

Knit and pleated skirt trio

The ladies above all opted for black and for me, that’s the best colour to go for pleated skirt-wise (or grey or navy). Go for any colour – or print – you like for any other style mini; I have this beaut from Zara that I bought this summer with this Zara knit that I bought last summer!

Zara knit Zara skirt


The best knits you can buy are the genuine article; the Aran Sweater. It’s timeless, gorgeous, warm and has been featured in Vogue for God’s sake. There’s no excuse not to buy one; it’s an investment that you’ll have forever.

Wild Irish Rose - vogue
That sums it up quite nicely



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