Capsule Confidential: The Camel Coloured Coat

Post by TM

Trends come and go and most of those trends enter and then pass certain eras never to rear their ugly shape, material or design ever again. Then there are the genius pieces that stick and live to become that coveted staple; the Classic. As exampled in human existence by Leonardo, Mozart and Einstein, geniuses come rare and few and the same can be said in the world of fashion. The piece that makes the capsule wardrobe has a special place in history.

TM & CM will visit the items we think are worthy of being part of the capsule wardrobe in posts to come. In this, the first Capsule Confidential* we examine The Camel Coat.

Zara Camel Coat AW 14
Zara Basics, AW 14, €99


Since August, I’ve been on the hunt for a winter coat. I haven’t bought one since 2009 so am definitely due one this year. Coats, well expensive coats, are an investment and the ill-paid need to put  special thought into buying a good . I know you can get a seasonal trend from somewhere like Penneys but I for one am at the stage where I want to buy nice pieces that will last for years. For those kinds of buys, there’s no other way for it, you have to go classic.

The camel coat is one that will never go out of style. Yes, I’m talking about a colour rather than a style and perhaps the style you choose may look dated from time to time; however, as is the nature of trends, that style will come back in at some stage. As for the interim period, well, it’s camel coloured so you’re fine.

The coat above comes from Zara and I spotted it a couple of weeks ago – and bought it one week ago. It is exactly what I wanted! It kind of reminds me of a coat my grandfather used to wear, and that’s a good thing. I love ‘grandfather style’ but they never seem to fit me right! Even though I’m supposed to be saving it for occasions and events and not everyday to extend its longevity, I couldn’t help but wear it out on Bank Holiday Monday to frolic amongst the autumn leaves.

Town Mouae AutumnThe camel coat is a classic because it’s not black, navy or grey but still stands the test of time and it goes with everything. I love the look of this coat with jeans and casual shoes like converse; it takes it to a dressier level without looking odd. It’s gorgeous with an all black ensemble (for one of those days) and it looks fabulous for date night, a lunch with friends, a trip to the theatre or cinema and well, everything else in between.

Town Mouse Camel Coat
Picking a coat is serious business

If you invest in one coat this season, it doesn’t have to be the camel coat. It’s a classic, you can buy it any time to want. It does belong in your capsule wardrobe, however, so make sure you get one, this year or eventually. I’m waiting till the winter sales to buy my military style navy coat, but that’s another story.

*In TMCM’s world the capsule wardrobe may be a little bit bigger than 5 – 7 items..!


Camel Coat Street Style


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