Pack It In! Or How to Survive your 15kilo Limit

Post by  CM

I’m not going to bore you all with how great the holiday to Malta was that I’ve just returned from (sun! pool! cocktails galore!) and how down-hearted I am now that I’m back at work (back-log! overtime! rotten coffee!) because I know I’m a lucky bunny to have escaped to the sun at all. Instead I will impart my wisdom on any of you fortunate others who are off on vay-cay (or at least dreaming about when they next will be) and are struggling to decide what to squeeze into their paltry 15kilo check-in limit. I’ve done it – it’s easy!

Shaky Cam

First, survey your wardrobe and pick out your favourite pieces. Then remove any of those that will not fit into the climate you’re destined for. I took a pair of stretchy, comfortable jeans to travel there and back, and wore a heavy cardi with a scarf over it, so both could be used there if there was a chilly evening (there wasn’t – hurray!) but could be comnined to create a cosy cover-up when I got home to lower temps. I also wore my high heels on the plane, with a string top and another light cardigan to cover all bases. And packed a pair of socks in my not insignificant carry-on for chilly airplane drafts. I didn’t wear a belt or jewelry as it’s too cumbersome and finicky when going through security

What I Wore


I made a checklist first of what I really needed, starting with my carry-on, which included a spare outfit in the case of any lost baggage:

– Passport, money, boarding pass.

– Phone, glasses, sunglasses (x 2), any required meds, basic makeup kit (in a brilliant transparant bag; real security check time saver)

– Book, magazine (bought in airport)

– Spare sandals, two dresses

Most of my carry on


Again, I made a list of the things I really wanted to bring, stuffed them in my suitcase and took out as weight allowed. I still ended up with too much but did manage to wear and use most of what I brought! Which was:

– Pair of wide length pants, pair of lightweight pants

– Two dresses for easy removal for wearing over swimear

– Two other sun dresses (this brings my dress count to 6 and counting!)

– Three skirts

– Pair of wedge sandals, extra pair of flat sandals, pair of comfy flats

– One Swimsuit, Two bikinis

– Sarong, Kaftan

– PJs, underwear (stuffed into corners)

– One pair of dangly earrings, two pairs of studs, one necklace. I never bring too much jewelry with me

– Two pairs of shorts

– 3 string tops, 3 t-shirts

– Cleansing wipes, razor, 8 sample sachets of shampoo and conditioner (so handy!),


– Sun- screen for face and body – Factor 50.

– More, bulkier makeup!

– Evening bag which also contained my jewellery roll and extra makeup case.

The lot!

I could easily have lost a couple of those items; one of the shorts and a couple of the dresses for sure, but seeing as I ended up with a weight of 13.9kilos I didn’t mind. A gal needs options, and heavy check-in is off your hands before you know it!

The biggest tip I have is roll, roll, roll as tight as you can. It’s amazing how tiny your basic tops and lightweight dresses can go, not to mention your swimwear and unmentionables!

But, because sometimes it’s just as handy to carry-on these days with Ryanair, as we can now bring on a 10kilo suitcase AND an extra bag I’ll be showing you how you can do that on Thursday’s Post. Until then check out what we did when we packed for a weekend away. See you then!

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