Brown and Out

Post by CM

It’s October everyone, it’s October! Have you turned on the heating yet? Had your first seasonal hot whiskey or port? Whipped out your woolies and black tights? These are all splendid rights of passage into proper, honest to goodness autumn, but if you’re a die-hard blonde intent on really pushing the boat out this fall you’ll go one step further and tone down your hair hue.

Any blonde who’s anyone is doing it, to differing effect. Some, mostly models, can carry off a multitude of different hair colours but others; actors, musicians, mere mortals alike simply can not. It’s all about finding the right shade for you. Take Suki Waterhouse. Here she is in her usual guise:

Suki Blonde

And here she is as she looks today:
 Suki Brown

Her new look was debuted at a gig in London over the weekend, and is what her colourist describes as French Brown – ooh la la! It works for her because it’s not flat, but a combination of three shades (and compliments her sizable eyebrows).

Talented young actress Elle Fanning has also taken the plunge in the last week, but has emerged from murkier waters than Suki has. She’s well known for her bright smile and cherubic features:

Elle blonde

But her recent foray into the brunette world is quite dull. She still looks as lovely as can be, but it does go to show how a drastic hair makeover needs to be seriously considered to work out just so.

Elle brownEven everyone’s favourite model Kate Moss has darkened her tresses for one of the four covers she’s shot for the A/W14 AnOther magazine, and that makes it official – it’s time to get down with brown.

Kate Moss by Collier Schorr for Another Magazine F

So who else in the entertainment world has gone to the dark side over the years? Here’s the good, the bad… and the reverse.

Brown Hair Good:

One of my favourite ever Jessica Alba looks
Biel always stays on the same colour spectrum, but her darker leanings look the best
Probably a contentious one but I think beach babe Cameron Diaz is a beautiful brunette!

Brown Hair Bad:

The Cinema Society Screening Of "Mud" - Arrivals
Last time Reese Witherspoon went brown she ended up getting arrested. Just sayin’.
Jennifer Lawrence. Just looks better blonde!
A barely recognisable Jessica Simpson
Christina Aguilera back in the day

Vice Versa:

Angelina Jolie in Salt
Anne Hathaway
Victoria Beckham

Blondies, will you be embracing A/W14 with a nice shade of fallen leaf? Brunettes, will you be adding some lowlights for that Gallic look? Redheads, well we know you’ll be staying put but raven haired ladies, any thoughts on lightening your locks? Let us know in the comments below, or over on our brand new Facebook page!



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