#MandD2014 Immigrant Council Mother/Daughter Lunch 2014

Post by TM

Regular readers may remember that this time last year CM popped on her clogs (why is it that rural dwelling mice always seem to favour clogs? ) and joined Mary, our step-mama, and me in the Fire Restaurant, Dublin for the fifth annual Mothers and Daughters’ Lunch hosted by the Immigrant Council of Ireland. Well, such a good time was had for such a great cause (to raise awareness of and help eliminate trafficking and exploitation) that we did it all again last Friday.

As well as supporting the very important Immigrant Council, the lunch is a lovely opportunity to get the glad rags on. And that’s just what we did!

Miriam SS

Aoife SS 2

Aoife Street Style 1



CM and Mary, Mary and TM!

While the bubbles were popped, gorgeous food devoured, lively conversation flowed and ensembles were admired, the main issue of the day was that of the appalling crime of trafficking into prostitution (which is the most common form of trafficking in Europe.)

Punctuating the lunch were speeches from founder of the Council, the inimitable Sr. Stan, trial blazer and Chief Executive Denise Charlton and keynote speaker Acting Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan which caused the willful putting down of forks and glasses and brief hiatuses to the chatting. There is nothing more important than spreading awareness of heinous breaches to human rights.

A host of lovely ladies, with Denise Charlton chatting to Blahnaid Ni Chofaigh to the left!

The second issue of the afternoon was of course mother/daughter bonding and as far as we could tell, there seemed to be only affirmative feeling among the generations of women attending!

Rachel and Hazel Nesor
The Ferris Daughters
Eabha Ni Mhathuna and Gearodin Charlton
Rachel and Ray McMahon
And token man, Paul McMahon!

While the festivities were winding down CM and I traipsed off to the launch party for the new Irish Gosh Cosmetics website (www.gosh.ie) in Lillies Bordello afterwards… but that’s another story.

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  1. Denise

    That sounded great! And the pictures are also great! I think it’s very good to know that there are people concerned with this side effect of immigration. Naive and young, (not only, but I suppose mainly) girls are promised the “world” and have to face this hard reality. I hope exploitation ends! denisesplanet.com

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