Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation – Review

Post by CM

I’m not much of a nail varnish person, preferring a natural, jaggedy edged look. Just ask TM; she’s forever trying to get me to sort out my nails. It’s not that they’ve been bitten to the quick or are monstrously long, it’s just that I tend to neglect them in favour of focusing on other beauty essentials like rubbing my foundation in properly so I don’t have a tide line (which, pale as I am and having to do battle with foundations too dark for me every day (#sobrave) is no mean feat).

So when a nice little package from the kind souls in Burrell PR arrived packed to the brim with 9 (9!) Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer nail colours and a Skin Luminizer Foundation I was drawn to the foundation first, although I must admit I was temporarily engaged by the lovely bright colours.

I’m somewhat reluctant to deviate from my foundation choice – once I’ve found one that works I stick with it, being prone to reactions and breakouts. My current fave is cheap as chips Catrice mousse, and I truly love it. It’s so easy to blend, has a light fluffy feel and lasts a surprisingly long time for the size of its little pot and competitive price point. But even its lightest shade is still a little off – it’s fine when I have a little tan on (rarely), but is just a touch too dark for every day. So I was excited to see on the jawline test that the Skin Luminizer matched my skin tone perfectly. Really – perfectly. So far, so good.

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

It’s a surprisingly thick texture for a foundation that claims to be luminous, and that’s ok with me, being particular to full coverage having discolouration, scars, redness and saucer-sized pores to contend with. It dries very quickly, and I used my fingers to warm it up so it spread more evenly, like I always do. Brushes-smrushes, clean fingers are the best way to apply your base.

The dreaded Before pic – with added harsh light of flash

Now, I quite liked the end product but it took ages to get it right, blended properly and smoothed over my unevenly textured skin. Clearly, I need a lot of help getting a luminous finish, and this really did do that. It got a tad melty towards the end of the day so maybe a light dusting of powder (which I never use) would be an idea, but I feel like that would defeat the dewy purpose. It also mottled a bit around drier areas.

I tried it again with primer underneath – this was a big mistake. Huge. It glooped, it slid, it found its way into crevices and wouldn’t stay put where I wanted it to. I even whipped out a brush to see if that would help and it didn’t in the slightest, just looked like a streaky too-thin watercolour over a canvas. I have no idea why this happened – the primer I always use (Hi again Catrice!) is really reliable with anything else I’ve ever used. My guess is that primer in general just doesn’t mix well with foundation that is trying to achieve luminosity.

My verdict? Well, here is the finished product…

Foundation Only
1. Foundation base only
Close up! I advise against zoom.
With slap
2. Full Face o’ Slap

Feeling aware of it on my skin, it stayed on well for a few hours as long as I didn’t touch things against my face. It came off very easily with a make-up wipe (Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes) and as I said before, the colour is really spot on, not appearing to oxidise at all. I would use it again, but only on good-skin days as it’s not very forgiving over blemishes, and on days when I can afford to spend more time on blending and perfecting. It works fine on my sensitive, combination skin but I reckon it wouldn’t be suitable for very dry complexions. It may also be better for evening time.

Vanity shot! Overhead angles are not my friend.
Vanity shot! The finished product

For now I’ll be sticking with my mousse, but will certainly whip out the Skin Luminzer when I feel like putting a bit more effort into my look. A downside is having to touch up every so often, but if you’re willing to commit to it it’s worthwhile.

I had hoped to include the nail lacquers in this post, but it’s running a little long. I’m rather impressed so far, so will get my review on them up soon!

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