Venisn’t She Lovely?

Post by CM

Twitter has been all aflutter today with not only a surprise Friends reunion and the marriage of a former certain cast member’s ex-husband to the mother of his 6 kids (did he say “Rachel” at the altar by mistake, haha?) but the unveiling of Emma Stone’s new hair-do at the Venice Film Festival.

It’s a bob!

The Venice Film Festival is a totes classy affair, befitting its glorious setting, and everyone dresses accordingly. Emma’s there to promote her new film, Birdman (which looks really good -Beetlejuice is in it!) and has chosen some really cute looks so far, as we’ve come to expect from her in recent times. I love her new bob; it’s versatile and fresh and an unexpected chop as we approach the cooler months.

arrivalA nice, casual travel outfit. Comfy and stylish, great roomy bag and so simple with barely any jewellery – good advice for the airport security rigmaroll we all have to endure, leading lady or no.

monoMono is still popular with good reason – done properly it just exudes elegant chic. And check out those shoes!

valentinoHere she is in an ethereal Valentino number, the shade of which perfectly compliments her skin tone and red hair. The chiffony, flouncy look can be a bit, well, girly, but I love how the very dark green and, again, her lack of jewellery instead beautifully suggests mature, knowing sophistication.

Emma’s on top of her style game right now, and is certainly making waves in the canals of Venice (sorry), but let’s see who else is pulling out all the stops on the first few days of the festival…

Liya Kebede
Liya Kebede

What a dramatic Black-Swanesque look from Liya Kebede!

Sienna Guillory

Loving the water reference on British actor Sienna Guillory’s dress. Minimal embelleshments appear to be du jour in Venezia!

Franca Sozzani

It would take none other than Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani to mix it up in this highly unusual but totally amazing top and skirt combo.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled over the weekend for any more gorgeousness coming from the city of romance over on Twitter – @tmcm_ireland – come join the conversation!


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