Emmys 2014 – Our Top Three of the Best Dressed

Post by TM

A few months ago we published a good few posts covering awards. There were the Golden Globes, the Baftas etc etc and finally (kind of) the Oscars which is traditionally accepted as the full stop to awards season. Except…it’s not.

Awards season doesn’t begin or end it just has mountains, hills and molehills on its life monitor. No one can discount the Cannes Film Festival which takes place in May for instance and we can’t ignore the Teen Choice Awards (much as we may like to but hey, finger on the pulse and all that) and the VMAs which was on Sunday.


The Video Music Awards were universally panned sartorially speaking – and to be honest I have next to no interest in who actually won awards – so I’m not going to mention them again. Although I will say that the young Jenners weren’t total car-crashes. The same can’t be said of their boob-licious sister. That said, Kim’s Balmain dress could have looked really cool on someone else. But – my eyes!

Moving on, it was the start of serious awards season last night (Monday) with the Emmys being the first up. The nominees were announced all the way back in, ah, July and judging from who were on the short list the fashion stakes were high. Not many of the attendees were thinking about that when they were preparing for their big night, they were too busy practicing their surprised look and their ‘I’m-so-happy-for-the-winner-I-really-am grimace, but what’s worn at the Emmys sets the bar for the rest of this awards cycle.

So who made our top three and do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below!

3: Camilla McConaughy in Zuhair Murad

CAm Mc

So few people can pull of white and even fewer could work this intricate teeny-tiny cut out design. But along comes a non-celebrity (kind of…) and doesn’t she just wow? No need for a lot jewellery, Mrs McC just wears little earrings and rings – the only embellishment she needs is that sexy, knowing (she looks good) smile.

2: Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier

Liz Caplan

Those cut-outs are very Lauren Bacall, n’est ce pas? In fact, the whole look is a modern nod to old Hollywood. Monochrome dresses have graced the red carpet manys the time but this subtlety sexy number is one of a kind. Lizzy Caplan is one to watch very closely on the red carpet.

1: Allison Williams in Giambattista Valli Couture

Allison Williams

So, so pretty yet so, so cool  Perhaps it’s the unexpected yellow band, maybe it’s got something to do with how the black ‘bow’ adjusts the neckline – Allison Williams nails it. Allison rocks the no jewellery thang – there’s no need for any when the top part of the dress does all the talking.

Honorable Mentions:

January Jones in Prabal Gurung

Jan Jones

Kerry Washington in Prada

Kery Wash



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