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When finding out that I’m a twin people always ask what it’s like to be one; and I always tell them I don’t know, it’s just the way it’s always been. The truth runs deeper however, but it’s hard to explain. When you live with someone from conception and grow up together you’re bound to have an extremely close relationship, some might even call it psychic (we wouldn’t.) Try as we might not to be those sort of twins who are practically the same person, we were naturally drawn to the same things and were in the same circle of friends at school. The thing that came to define us over the years was our style.

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A popular family story is the time when CM refused to go to play-school wearing the outfit that our mother had picked out. She wouldn’t leave the house unless she could choose her own ensemble. Wearing whatever the hell was laid out for me that morning, I was brought to play-school ahead of my bold sister and was as shocked and confused as all the other little girls and boys when she appeared about half an hour later in an outfit of strange colour combinations and clashing prints – a get-up not unlike the ones she puts together now! That’s a good thing.

For reasons of practicality, our parents dressed us in similar garb when we were small. They would buy us the same outfit in different colours – blue or green for me and pink or yellow for CM (I don’t know why I was given the boys colours either!) – but we soon learned to mix and match. We both liked to wear our hair long (and extremely tangled) but we spotted an older girl one day with a bob and fringe and decided that that was the style for us. It wasn’t. It’s a different story for Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe, the front women of US quintet Lucius.


Laessig and Wolfe are not twins, they’re not even sisters, they’re just two gal pals who like to make music together and dress the same while doing it. And why not? Mutual style-flattery is the sincerest form of, um, becoming best friends for ever and ever.

I came across the band while hearing one of their songs on TXFM. It’s pop sound combined with melancholic lyrics and luscious harmonies. The singers are backed up by three moustached (male) band members – one of them Wolfe’s husband – but Lucius is essentially the two young women with the beautiful voices and eye-catching style.

Lucius Band

The two met at the at the Berklee College of Music and bonded over their shared taste in music and former incarnations as outsiders in their respective home-towns. Their move to New York in 2007 launched the start of their endeavour to conquer popular music.

Lucius yellow

While their music is beautiful, infectious and the band is ‘the missing link between Arcade Fire and Haim’, according to The Guardian, it’s their ‘fashion-mag style’ (also according to The Guardian) that boosts their appeal. They do have that quirky, knowing sense of fashion that only 20-something musical hipsters (for want of a better word) can have.

Lucius oraange

The blunt blonde bobs with bangs are their trademark for now, but they’re not entirely committed to the 1960s retro look. That’s what’s great about them – they don’t let themselves be pigeon-holed by one genre.


They’re coming to Whelan’s in October, I am dying to go and see what they wear, if they change costumes, how they style their hair – and hear their dulcet tones of course. They’re on the up and up – catch them (on the cheap) while you can.

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