Just Don’t Mention the Movies

Post by CM

I had an evening a few weeks ago when I sat down on in front of the box at 6pm and didn’t move from there for 5 hours. I wasn’t even watching anything good, just aimlessly flicking through the channels, resting on stupid sitcom after insipid drama. Then, when I was finally going to turn off and head for beddy-byes I happened upon an old episode of Sex and the City.

And now I’m addicted again. I keep tuning in whenever I see it pop up in the tv schedules, and because of the erratic nature of Comedy Central I’ve been watching them completely out of order. Which got me to thinking; what happened to the cool, funny interesting women of the first season or two? Where did their sense of humour (and comic timing go)?

Take me out to the ballgame

Carrie Bradshaw is generally a character that divides opinion, a lot of women find her incessantly annoying and self-centered, some like her sass and skills, most men simply despise her very being. According to my study over the past few weeks, at first she truly was fun and funny, but tuning into the last few episodes of the sixth season I consistently find myself wanting to shake her senseless.

“The Russian” ruined her

Even Miranda commented on how awful she had become when at the height of her romance with “The Russian”.

Speaking of Miranda, she is almost universally the least liked of the gang, but I have found myself warming to her more and more. She has some of the best lines and is the least man cray-cray. Although she, like the rest, became a caricature of herself during season 6. And she was the WORST in the (sorry to bring them up) movies.

Remember when she got braces?!

Charlotte started out quite likable, but is really the one who has been consistently annoying and the least well-rounded. But she’s pretty so we’ll give her that.

Even she thinks so!

Samantha’s Samantha. She didn’t change as drastically as the others, and was probably the one who grew the most as the show went on.


So anyway, here’s my very scientific conclusion: It was a great, well-written show for a while and then it wasn’t. And I won’t even go there with the movies. (Why, God, Why?) So you might be pondering why I keep watching and re-watching, to this day. The style of course!





While the other ladies’ sartorial choices were hit and miss, Carrie always took bold choices and most of the time carried (ha) them off. I couldn’t help but wonder; did her style get better the worse she became? Suppose I’ll have to switch on again tonight to continue my research…

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