Think Blue and Pink!

Post by CM

After drooling over the beautiful couture shows happening in Paris – Dior, Armani Prive, Valentino, oh my! – I reluctantly faced up to the fact that I will most likely never require the services of a couture gown. I turned my attention to the stars on the FROW, and then, envy simmering, faced up to those swarming the pavements outside; editors, bloggers, enthusiasts.

I love the street style of Paris, and the fashionable filles didn’t disappoint. But one emerging trend caught my eye in particular – that of pairing pink with blue. Previously quite the no-no, these women have really made it work! Bold, colourful and confident – and not a trace of black in sight.

So if I can’t wear the couture or even watch it being showcased at the side of Anna Wintour, at least I can steal some street style…


Tina Leung Vogue 8July14 Dvora_b_592x888
Tina Leung



Sophia Guellaty
Sophia Guellaty


Angelica Aradasheva
Angelica Aradasheva


My pick is my interpretation of the first look. It’s simple and easy, and not too ostentatious. I also love Sophia Guellaty’s ensemble, it says business while meaning play! What do you think? Is blue and pink and trend that will stick, or is it a clash too far?

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