Strawberries and Cream – Wimbledon Style

Post by TM

I didn’t watch a single Wimbledon match this year, but my eye was on Wimbledon all the same.

To me, Wimbledon is the epitome of good old-fashioned Englishness; it’s rather prim but quite jolly, there are toffs a-plenty and the well-behaved guests feast on strawberries and cream while thoroughly enjoying the spectacle.

Victoria Beckham watching WimbledonWimbledon stands out from the other major tennis tournaments for this very Englishness. Known for it’s famously strict dress code, tennis stars frequently have trouble sticking to it. Andre Agassi actually boycotted the tournament as they wouldn’t let him wear his personal uniform of garish shirts and shorts and when he finally succumbed he still made sure to showcase his unique style by wearing his hair in a fetching mullet and choosing colourful accessories. He couldn’t chance that these days.

Colour of any kind is forbidden now, a rule that many players roll their eyes at, although snappy dresser Venus Williams doesn’t mind. ”I think it’s a nice change,” she mused. “I think everyone just kind of glows in white.”

venus on the courtThere is no dress code for spectators. That said; there kind of is. Whether they are in the Royal Box or not, tennis fans will make a bit of an effort when they attend Wimbledon – it’s akin to going to races (akin to elegant people going to the races mind, and it’s a less formal affair. Make no mistake, tight dresses and stripper heels do not ever appear on or off these courts.)

Kate ‘The Duchess’ Middleton is the embodiment of Wimbledon. She favours a classy yet bland look, a look easily (and oft) copied because it’s basically a good blow-dry, an elegant dress with an inoffensive pattern and nude courts. All very nice.

K Mid Wimbedon
Don’t forget your clutch!

Victoria Beckham went to just one match – the biggest one of course, the Men’s Finals – and she looked very lovely indeed. In a very savvy move, Clever Spice wore a piece from her Pre Spring/Summer 15 collection.

Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 15

Nobody risks anything, sartorially speaking, at Wimbledon. Just because the aura is smart/pretty/casual doesn’t mean it won’t feel like dress up. When I go to Wimbledon sometime soon in the future I will likely wear something like a floaty tea-dress, strappy heels and huge sunglasses. It may sound boring and predictable but it’s fun to play the part sometimes. If I was going to a Hallowe’en party I would certainly wear a goulish costume.

Tea dress style

Wimbledon street styleThere’s no way Pippa Middleton would get it wrong (probably as it’s so hard to) as she demonstrates here:

Pippa-Middleton-Wimbledon Style

It is a lovely dress, I can imagine a happy summer’s afternoon drinking prosecco and laughing with a choice group of girl friends in it, but obviously it’s totally fail safe.

It’s true, you can wear shorts to Wimbledon and people often wear jeans but it’s the perfect occasion to experiment with your lady-like look. If you’re not often inclined to don a dress and heels or go to the hairdresser for the seemingly simple task of blowing drying your hair but wouldn’t mind giving it a go, Wimbledon is the time to do it. You don’t even have to be in London! Have a Wimbledon party in your own back garden.

It’s all over for this year of course, but don’t worry, Wimbledon style is timeless and classic – trends won’t have much effect here. However, if you’re in doubt, just look to Mrs. Beckham – she has already told us what to wear next year.

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