On (Arcade) Fire – Concert Street Style

Post by TM

My biggest regret of last year was waiting too long to buy a ticket for Blur, who were playing in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, an idiotic move for someone who had a sticker of Damon Albarn pasted to her bedpost throughout her teenage years (come to think of it, it’s still there). I wasn’t going to make a similar mistake this year and bought my ticket for Arcade Fire / Pixies in Marlay Park as soon as they went on sale.

I’m a Pixies fan but I was there for Arcade Fire. I fell for them when they played The O2 a few years ago. It was the best, most creative and musically perfect rock gig I had ever been to and I had to see them again.

regine and win

As well as their musical prowess, the band from Canada are experimentally stylish and they add an extra element to their shows by encouraging a formal dress-code. We spotted a girl in what looked like a bridesmaid dress from the early 1990s and a guy in a very colourful suit (see below) but most people at Sunday’s concert donned typically comfortable festival wear which was fair enough since Marlay Park is, well, a park and rain was forecast.

It didn’t rain. It was a glorious day and everyone was in tip-top form. It was, however,  a long day; Tvvins took to the stage at about a quarter to four, then the destined-for-great-things Ham Sandwich took over. Since the main half of the show didn’t kick off till 6.30 concert-goers were right to play it safe with their sartorial choices.

We always hope that someone will pull an Anna Della Russo or that we’ll spot a viable new trend before it gets, uh, trendy but we’re also firm believers that sometimes less is more. The little corner of the field that we found ourselves in was dense with stylish guys and gals – so without further ado…

Pixies / Arcade Fire Concert Style

Garland Marlay


TShirt Marlay
Love his t-shirt? We did. He made it himself!


Regina Marlay

Colourful scraf

Brian Marlay

heart tights

Jackey Marlay

Dave Marlay

Jo and Lou Marlay

Noel Marlay

Pink T Marlay

Colourful suit Marlay

And what did the mice wear?

Aoife Marlay
Miriam Marlay

I’ve been browsing through a few Glastonbury galleries and it seems that change is a-foot. While there are still die-hard shorts & Hunters types strutting around (we’re looking at you Cressida Bonas), the celebs are turning away and being a bit more daring. Sienna Miller wore a very tight Harlequin-esque catsuit (and so did Jamie Winstone), Daisy Lowe wore a cool gold, lacey dress and Kelis went all norm-core on us with a simple jeans and jumper combo. So for future festival fashion reference – it’s all or nothing.

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