Bora Bora Bora

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All this sunny sun sun has made Salthill heave with bodies of all shapes and sizes, young and old, blissfully basking or glumly grumbling in the heat. I haven’t been to the beach in about three years, and that time was wearing a string bikini purchased at a market stall. I still have it somewhere, stuffed in the back of the drawer along with a few other offerings from Penneys and a Speedo swimsuit dated c. 1999. But my interest has been piqued once more; maybe I’ll book a sun holiday! But what to wear by the sea, or by the pool?

I’m all in favour of the resurgence in popularity of the one piece. Having neglected any body toning exercises over the past months I’m just not ready to flaunt my middle, and having that extra piece of (admittedly) skin-tight material would put me more at ease. I love this one from none other than Marks & Spencer, for its vintage feel.

M and S
M&S €47.50

Staying on the modesty theme, I’m also a fan of the new long sleeve look. Nigella Lawson famously wore a burka type costume in 2011, but the one below, by designer Seea Hermosa wouldn’t look out of place poolside with a big floppy hat, a pair of killer heels and a Martini.

Seea Hermosa Long Sleeve Swimsuit

This Penneys offering is super for littler girls, the 50s style halter and cups enhancing the most demure of cleavages. The high waist is cool and flattering and the bold print draws attention to your petite frame. That’s another thing to take note: smaller patterns equals less attention seeking, so are great for fuller figures.

Penneys Top €7, Bottoms €5

Stripes are not for the faint hearted, but the swimsuit below in fact really compliments any body shape, the diagonals drawing the eye in and up! The monochrome brings it bang on trend – wouldn’t this look good both on a lounger or strolling the shore?

resort-blouson-swimsuit €37

Another one for the shorties among us,. The top functions just as well for a larger or smaller chest with its bust enhancing capabilities and well constructed, nice sturdy cups. The high leg of the bottoms is great for leg lengthening!

Asos €50.70

I’ve thrown this one into the mix because I love it and it’s an absolute steal under €10! Pair it with black shorts or clash the print with another in complimentary colours. I think you could easily get away with wearing it as a top in the evening too!

Bonus! This cool and unusual Asos bikini top is only €9.86!
Bonus! This cool and unusual Asos bikini top is only €9.86!

If you’ve ever been scalded by a necklace, left with unsightly marks around your wrists and finger or distraught that an earring has disappeared you’ll agree that jewelry is best left off. Sunnies are a must of course, not to mention a huge hat for palies like me, a la Nicole Kidman. A nice tote bag is essential to carry your towel, phone, wallet, kimono or other cover-up and SPF (Factor 50! Don’t scrimp, anything less won’t do the job). I will be wearing flats, but a pair of wedges might work if you don’t mind risking a twisted ankle while braving the sand dunes!


The main issue when you’re on your hols is to fun, feeling relaxed and not to worry about any wobbly bits. Maria Menounos recently told People magazine that she’s ok with her “pre-cellulite” whatever the hell that is – you either have it or you don’t, and most women do. It’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but if you’re really concerned about it a little bit of fake tan (a really little bit – the Oompa Loompa look was never a good one) can do a good job in giving a smoothing illusion. Kim K uses my fave tan in a can Sally H for her psoriasis!

Yes, I think it’s time to book a trip to Bora Bora (Bora, according to inmate Morello!) If you don’t get that reference get watching Orange is the New Black asap!

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