Dublin Can Be Heaven…

Post by TM

…with coffee at 11, and a stroll in Stephen’s Green. There’s no need to hurry, there’s no need to worry, you’re a king and the lady’s a queen. Grafton Street’s a wonderland, there is magic in the air, there are diamonds in the ladies eyes and gold dust in her hair! And if you don’t believe me, come and meet me there, in Dublin on a sunny summer morning.’

I think of Dublin Saunter – a song I learnt in Primary School – every time I come in to the vicinity of Grafton Street. It’s the ultimate ear worm that has been plaguing me for years. When it entered my mind on Saturday however, I sang along out loud and sauntered down the street arm in arm with CM and wholly agreed with the lyrics.



The Mice – St. Patrick’s Cathedral Park

So it wasn’t particularly sunny in the Capital on Saturday and we didn’t actually venture out until the after noon, but it was balmy and just plain pleasant. Everyone we encountered had a smile on their face and all seemed to be in a tip-top mood. Since we were ambling along and because it was finally warm enough for people to leave their coats and jackets at home, it was also the perfect day for style-spotting.

CM at Berlin – D2. Sláinte!

I’m sure you’ll know by now that people watching is a favourite pastime of ours and there’s no better place to do it than sitting outside a friendly city watering-hole on a nice day. We decided to check out a new place, Berlin – D2, on Clarendon Street. That entire area is great for spying street style (Grogan’s is a common haunt of ours) and Berlin, with their tables big enough to accommodate several large groups, is a nice addition. The clientele is trendy but not above singing happy birthday when an eccentric older gentlemen shouts through the glassless windows to ask them to (which happened when we were there. The birthday person? CM! Although our birthday is not till August…)

After a happy hour or so there, we wandered around with our beady eyes constantly a-darting for sartorial inspiration. Since we were in the area, we just had to pop into one of our favourite boutiques Om Diva. Luckily for us, they were having a promotion day so the prosecco was flowing and spirits were high. We both walked away with gems we were delighted with; a dress with tee-shirt top and sheer bottom (and a belt to match!) for me and this, for CM.

CM’s new ‘Death on the Nile’ dress – styled with chunky belt and statement necklace. And prosecco.

Men’s fashion was on our minds – it is London Collections: Mens (LCM) after all – and while we saw a good many very well-put together laydeez, it was the buachailli who stood out for us on Saturday.

Bag1  Bag2

This is an effortless looking ensemble that we would copy. He has the curious groomed/scruffy thing down to a T and he made his own bag.


We both spotted this lovely German man outside Fresh on Camden St at the same time. A man with timeless style, he wears it with the nonchalant confidence we all aspire to.


We caught this guy on the hop as he was going towards town and we were homeward bound. We liked the simplicity of his ‘outfit’ and the little details – the necklace and his topknot!


Obviously, the men at Bagots Hutton would never not look good. They have that familiar Dublin casualness + put-togetherness = coolness about them, and they were very nice fellas to boot!

Ahh, it’s a good time to be in the city. That said, I’m craving a nice big garden to lie in and relax so I’ll be heading home to the West this weekend to do just that. Might even get the paddling pool out! Hope you’re enjoying the sun too, long may it last.

Just a little reminder that we’re nominated in the Aussie Blog Awards! Have your stylish voice heard in voting for your two favourite mice for Reader’s Choice; it’s as simple as clicking the link below, scrolling down to our blog name on the drop-down menu and submitting!



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