Crocodile Dungaree

Post by CM

From the glamour and glitz of the BAFTAs and Cannes to the denim-esqe staple of the hard-working man. What has made us fall in love with the humble dungaree? No longer associated with the cheerful chappies of Dexy’s Midnight Runners or 1940s mechanics working on clapped out Ford automobiles, they are set to dominate the streets of summer, with their sexed up androgyny and nonchalance . 

Elle UK Fashion Ed Anne Marie Curtis, wearing her faithful pair to work

They are not easy to wear, unless you’re long and lithe of limb, but that’s probably the very reason why it’s hard not to be seduced by such a tricky trend; every fashion type of any shape likes a challenge.

The Alexa Chung Effect has hit once again, of course; once she shows up in dungarees legions will follow in the hopes of looking just as casual cool as she is. The copy-catting works with a peter pan collar, it works with nice wavy ombré hair but sadly an all-in-one denimy overall is going to make the average gal look a bit like an oversized child or a woman who enjoys ‘the good life’, pottery and feeding chickens, and doesn’t give a fig about fashion.

Dungaree Dos

Alexa, admittedly, works it
SJP, keeping it casual
An ‘average gal’ definitely pulling off the look with heels, clutch and a Breton top

Dungaree Don’t Even Go Theres

Zooey D doesn’t quite get it right…
… and poor old Katie Holmes gets it very, very wrong.

I say the look has been ‘sexed up”, but in fact I don’t really subscribe to that. There’s nothing at all sexy about dungarees, when you think about it. In the boudoir, un-clicking those clasps and having them shoot to your ankles in a highly indignified manner or catch around your middle, needing a good yank to get them the rest of the way actually doesn’t bear thinking about. *Shudder*. The impracticalities of them are also to be considered – don’t wear them to a festival with limited loos, for instance.


It’s similar with jump and romper suits, which have been on the go for a while now. I keep considering trying one out, a classy one, for going out like, but the implications of having one too many and suffering a queue to the ladies puts paid to that. Don’t get me wrong, I think they can look great – see (long, leggy) Cameron Diaz above – but flashbacks of the leotard and tights combo in ballet class has by and large rendered me imune to the charms of the all-in-one.

Which brings me to an 80s favourite; the bodysuit. None other than bride to be Kim Kardashian was spotted in Paris sporting a very low-backed one under a slinky skirt (forget about the side-boob, she wants us to talk about that). I like her Elsa hair! And I also like the colour combination, bar the white shoes; but will this encourage people to start swanning around in these crotch fastening underwear/outerwear/top/bottom hybrids again? She too has an Effect, whether we like it or not.url

Yet, as we are all aware, fashion risks never work without total confidence, and polar opposites Alexa and Kim have it in spades. Wear your dungarees or bodysuit with pride I say, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the risks. As it happens, after all my scare-mongering, I’m having second thoughts about the appeal of these summer looks. You might see me in a pair of dungarees yet. But don’t hold it in, just in case. has paired up with Aussie Hair Products for the Aussie Blog Awards! If you think we have what it takes to be crowned Most Awesome Fashion Blog, why not throw an old nom our way?!

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