Pencil It In

Post by T.M.

I have a very bad habit of intending on getting up early on a Saturday. I set my alarm for 10 (of course I factor in some time for a much, much, much – I can’t stress enough how much – needed lie in) but more often than not, when the melody starts to chime I turn my damn phone all the way off and ‘rest’ for another couple of hours.

I’m always incredibly pleased with myself therefore when I get up before morning becomes noon – “I have the whole day!” – and this Saturday was one of those wonderous days. Rolling out of bed at 10.30 (yes, that’s early!) I scrolled through the news of the day, made myself a decent coffee and thought about what outfit I would wear as I took a long, hot shower.

Ashley-Madekwe-in-Topshop-Tartan-skirt1There’s a not so new trend in Tinseltown and beyond for the humble pencil skirt so I thought this Saturday I’d give it a try. I brought a black one back with me from the home wardrobe the last time I visited that originated in the early 2000’s when I was still in school.  I tried it on in an attempt to formulate a casual outfit but alas it transpires that I cannot successfully pull off the pencil skirt look without wearing high heels. (So I wore high heels.)

That said, the pencil skirt is the one item of clothing that anyone of any age and shape can work. Those with long,thin legs can get away with pairing the look with flats – although that’s a fashion rule that shorter limbed ladies frequently break with aplomb.

pencil skirt smallWe all know that Joan Holloway is queen of the pencil skirt. You could even say that she (and the Mad Men wardrobe department) is responsible for bringing the pencil skirt back from the doldrums. For a while there the only people who let themselves be seen in a pencil shape were in the law or service game – it was strictly either mini or maxi for the rest of us.

joanJoan reminded us that when styled the right way and worn with the right attitude, pencils can be uber sexy, and the best thing – you don’t need to have a catwalk model figure to make it work.

pencil skirt tarten

The modern way to sport the pencil skirt is high-waisted and midi. As demonstrated above, crop tops go perfectly with this look and honestly, a heel would almost certainly tie the ensemble together.

pencil skirt stripes

Let’s not beat around the bush now, you have to have a terrific amount of confidence and rock hard abs to look good in something like the outfit above. But! With a suitably high waist and just a hint of skin meeting the crop, nearly anyone can pull it off. Shoulders back, head held high, off you go!

You do have to be careful with the pencil skirt all the same. There’s always the risk that if it’s too long or short you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable and regretful for having worn it in the first place. There’s a time and a place; they’re most suited to short leisurly walks to a chic cafe (those tighter numbers can give your thighs and almighty work-out!). But if you were in doubt before why not at least give one a try – pencil in an appointment with style!


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