Bibbity BOPpitty Boo!

Post by T.M.

Both mice were in the town last week to attend the PR Slides/Littlewoods Bop Awards. We were in very good company in the Best Fashion Read category but alas were runners up (as we like to sugar coat it) to a website with a much, much larger readership than ours.

Onwards and upwards, we say! We had good fun at the soirée and are honoured to have even been nominated.

Aoife made the cut

CM arrived in the afternoon, looking spiffy in her ‘normcore‘ outfit (of black mini, light blue shirt and v neck top with grey ankle boots – should have taken a pic) and since I took a half day from work we were able to enjoy a glass of wine and some delicious lunch in one of my favourite Dublin haunts, the cafe in the IFI.

But enough about that; here’s what we wore to the event.


Pure coincidence that we both wore ensembles featuring flower prints.

The ceremony was held in Café en Seine and we were lucky to arrive only a teeny tiny bit late because we got the very last seats, right at the top of the room where we couldn’t miss any of the action.


A couple of Zaconey and Cokes swiftly made their way to us (and kept flowing throughout the event, thanks to the very attentive disco-pants clad Zaconey girls!) along with some impressive nibbles.

Zaconeys and nibblesIt was a good opportunity to catch up with our fashionable friend and fellow Best Fashion Read nominee Nirina from Killer Fashion who was looking lovely as usual, flanked by her fabulous posse.

With Nirina

The Award ceremony itself, presented by stylist Cathy O’Connor and assisted by model Holly Carpenter (well she had her photo taken with the winners) was over in the blink of an eye – a good thing. No hurry-up Oscar music required here.

It was a good show for an inaugural affair and we would be delighted to be part of it again next year *hint hint*. So keep in touch, dear readers!

It’s Twiiter time

Thanks to Littlewoods Ireland and the great team at PR Slides for hosting a lovely evening!

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