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As I write this there is another window of my computer open playing an episode of Castle. I could lie and say that it was Game of Thrones or House of Cards or one of the other must-see shows du jour but you already know that while I consider myself to have quite good taste, I like me some trashy TV from time to time.

There’s no need for me to have the show on while I’m writing but *sigh* I’m a casualty of the modern technological age where first world inhabitants don’t feel like they are functioning without multiple devices on the go at the same time. Distraction is the purest excuse for a half-assed job done.

Admittedly, I don’t usually willingly distract myself when doing something important. However, when I watch a show or a movie at home my phone is usually by my side. I tweet, check Facebook, look up the actors in whatever I’m watching on screen on IMDB – the usual things – but more often than not I’m perusing Vogue and Elle and other style and fashion sites or googling street style – all in the name of research. And inspiration.

Cat on Compuer

In google style searches, there are of course the familiar few who always show up. The likes of Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo and Miroslava Duma. In the longer run, I generally don’t recognise the faces appearing in google images. They are usually models, fashion eds, bloggers, ‘collectors’ or less well known designers.

That said, three US based actresses are showing up more and more and are fast gaining style traction on that side of the pond. They are Ashley Madekwe, Jamie Chung and Shay Mitchell. Remember their names. Fame!

Ash M 1

Fellow fans of trashy telly might know Ashley Madekwe as scheming Ashley (but aren’t they all?) in Revenge although the England born/LA based actress is fast becoming better known for her personal style blog Ring My Bell.

ASh M 2

She obviously loves putting an outfit together and she does it very well. She’s also really likeable and personable and is not at all afraid to share her sartorial secrets. And I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve stolen ideas from her manys the time.

Jamie chung 1

Jamie Chung has worked on the big screen (notably as Stu’s other half in The Hangover movies) but most recently has been in yet another guilty pleasure programme, Once Upon a Time as Mulan – and I spotted her in the episode of Castle I was watching earlier!

Her sense of style has been noticed by People magazine, who invited her to join its ‘Style Council’ and by Avon who drafted her in to their ’10 to Watch’ make-up campaign.

Jamie CHing 2

Like Ashley, Jamie is serious about her style and she too has her own blog. Obviously it’s hard to tell, but she seems nice. I do like a celeb who knows how to style him/herself. She does have help in the blog department. Most of her photos are taken by pros but wouldn’t we all draft in an expert if we could?

Shay MItchell 1

Hmmm, at this stage I’m sensing a pattern – Shay Mitchell is one of the Pretty Little Liars. I wonder if thespians would have the same amount of time to tend to their own fashion blogs. For, predictably, Shay has one too!

Shay’s blog is a collaboration with her friend (the best kind of blogs, hee hee!) and it’s more than just fashion focused. She does know how to dress though and I’ve a feeling she’s not as much as a sappy old moaner in real life as she is on her show.

Shay Mitchell 2

The girls seem to have a few things in common (other than their, ahem, pedigree for light entertainment.) Their style is admittedly quite similar – it’s trend driven, but they are all far from being fashion victims.

You could say that their collective style is on the casual side of chic – which as you may already know by now is my favourite type of look – and they all look like they have great fun dressing up.

They are complete posers of course, but what else can you expect from young, beautiful actresses? I wonder who and what inspires them? Do they read each others’ blogs? Or do they sneakily have secret stylists lurking in the background? Whatever – they look good, their clothes are accessible (well, versions of them) and it’s fun to see what they come up with.


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