IFTAs 2014 Best Dressed

Post by T.M.

So the Irish Film and TV awards – or the IFTAs as they’re (not so) fondly known – were held on Saturday night. Any Irish person reading knows that the general consensus is that it was a complete and utter shambles and everyone involved has a lot to answer for.

That’s according to the few thousand who saw it anyway. I didn’t. Did you?

Anyway, there was a well-dressed guy/doll or two on the red carpet. There were some stinkers as well but we must support our kin and give credit where it’s due.

Darren Kennedy

First up is the ever reliable stylist and fashion writer Darren Kennedy. He is one person who never plays it safe, instead giving off the ‘f*ck it, I’ll wear what I want’ attitude – and we love him for it!

Angela Scanlon

Next up is the also always reliable fashion maven Angela Scanlon. She’s another boat-pusher who dresses to impress herself – and other stylish beings in the know. Strictly no stripper heels or bandage dresses for this self-proclaimed ‘ginger’!

Madeline Mulqueen

International and Irish readers may not recognise Madeleine Mulqueen but she was someone to be noticed on the IFTA carpet. The dress colour and detailing were both beautiful and totally suited her complexion. Her hair and make-up were the right side of casual – the whole look was just effortless. (She is engaged to actor Jack Reynor by the way and works – unsurprisingly – as a model.)

Jen Maguire

Jennifer Maguire is one of those people who you forget is pretty and has a bangin’ bod, in her case because of her onscreen antics. Her dress is a bit boring BUT it was one of the sexiest of the night and she blew the Xpose types right out of the water.


Yvonne Keating and her daughter Missy were an adorable pair. I’m glad to see they did not coordinate their ensembles at all and they both went for (their respective) age-appropriate garb. Yvonne’s dress was a show stopper – I loved the sash detail which really gave it that certain something. I hope Missy saves her number for the future when she can wear it with a pair of heels and different accessories. Yep, it’s definitely one of those Keira Knightly Wedding Frock type dresses.



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