Little Red

Post by T.M.

There once was a spoilt little brat who ordered her nice adoptive mother to buy her a pair of gorge red shoes. Once in those shoes the girl felt so totally fabulous she didn’t even care about what was being said in church (What?)

When she actually misses her mama’s funeral a mysterious soldier arrives, puts a curse on her and condemns her to dance in those pretty Louboutins (probably) forever. Eventually the girl gets a kind someone to chop off her feet, gets a job as a maid and eventually ends up in heaven (i.e. she dies) where no one mentions the red shoes ever again*.

Cheery fairy tale, Hans Christian Andersen, thanks.

This weekend, I was scrolling through a fashion gallery, as I usually do when there is nothing to watch on TV and noticed that the hooves on every second stylishly clad miss were encased in a pair of bright red stilettos. Now I don’t know about you, but I was entirely unaware that red shoes were a trend.

Hayley Atwell

That’s the absolute BEST thing about it. The ladies who shoed themselves in these ruby beauties were simply topping off – or should I say rounding down? – their outfits the Dorothy way.

Nikki Reed

For there is a reason why the wicked witches chose the scarlet hue for their dastardly footwear. They are frankly mesmerising, a little bit dangerous and they have the magical ability to totally transform an ensemble from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’!

Jenna Lyons

I love J Crew fashion maven Jenna Lyons – especially after her (quite bizarre) appearance in Girls – dodgy acting aside. She is what you would call a handsome woman, which is way more interesing than the pretty little twiglets who prance around in trendy outfits chosen by other people. She knows what suits her, she dresses as she pleases and whatever she wears becomes must-haves for the cool crowd. Take note of what her feet are wrapped in.

Laura Whitmore

Hats off to Irish lass Laura Whitmore. Not everyone is daring enough to wear a) leather mini shorts b) a flouncy navy and black top and c) to finish the look off with red high heels. But it works, works, works.

Elizabeth Moss

Everyone knows that wearing an LBD is safe. Or a pair of jeans and a tee. Or black tuxedo pants and top. But stick a pair of redsters on and you’ve instantly made your outfit more interesting.

The girl in the red shoes need not care about dancing herself to amputation any more. She should just click her heels together three times and be whisked away to the party, safe in the knowledge that she has the prettiest feet in the land.

* But why wear something fabulous if no one is going to talk about it?

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