Spring Awakening

Post by CM

You’ve already seen them haven’t you? Some creeping out with trepidation, others shamelessly, nay proudly, stomping about the place. A pasty, hairy leg here, bra-strap-exposing string top there; the Over-Eagers have arrived along with the first rays of ever so slightly warm sunshine. They’re relatively easy to forget this rainy Thursday, grey and miserable as it is, but mark my words the next time the sun appears, even if the temperature remains hovering around 8-10 degrees, it will send an Over-Eager scrambling for their t-shirt, shorts, socks and sandals.

Fear not, there is an alternative for tricky trans-seasonal dressing. It’s not called Spring/Summer for nothing, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate the S/S14 trends into the months of March and April. We’ve already been assured that pastels (or rather, fondants) are the major trend, and I believe they suit the spring months rather better than the stronger colours called for in summer. So here are a few ways to work it without going into full-on summer holiday mode.



A bit of pink plaid goes a long way, but it may be best left to teenagers, or at least under-25s. These two looks are Clueless inspired (expect to see similar styles around and about the cool kids, thanks to this Iggy Azalea video), and can go either the Cher or Tai direction. Both are a little preppy and flirty, and have a pivotal warm extra layer to combat chilly spring breezes. Wear some nude tights under the knee-high socks for extra cosiness!


Christopher Kane S/S14. Image via Style.com

Midi and Sweater

The Christoper Kane S/S14 show was a huge success, due largely to his botany inspired sweaters paired with matching midi skirt. The three midis above will provide  much more sophisticated options in spring time dressing – all three can be paired with any of the  jumpers, shoes and accessories accompanying them in the pic. A slightly dishevelled but shiny bob and natural make-up with a pop of bright lipstick would complete the ensemble.


Jackets and Coats

Floral silk bombers are everwhere at the moment, and basically now is the time to wear them, or a longer coat in a similar style. Perfect for Easter and the few weeks leading into summer, they’d look great with a simple white t-shirt and jeans – skinny or boyfriend style – and an epic pair of heels in a complimentary colour.



For you who just can’t face embracing the admittedly very girly soft pinks, greens, blues and lilacs, monochrome is still very much on the fashion radar. To contrast completely with the feminine outfits above try some leather pants, a silk blouse tucked in, with a shrunken tuxedo, black bag, Hollywood- style sunglasses and topped by a floppy hat. Pointed stilletos in any colour of your choosing will finish it off, but why not test the pastel waters with some pale pink shoes? You never know, you may be converted yet!

So there you have it, save the shivery, goose-pimply stripping off in Eyre Square or Spanish Arch, St Stephen’s Green or The Barge for later on in the year, when those of us who are still in denial about this long stretch in the evening and music festival line-up announcements are ready to join you for some sun worshipping. Until then, enjoy the frolicking lambs and Lenten withdrawl symptoms in 50 shades of fondant!

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