Fashion Month Fiends

Post by CM

Something has infiltrated the fashion world, and has been attaching itself to the style mavens of New York, London, Milan and Paris. It’s furry and bright, colourful yet cheerless, and despite its gremlin moniker has been wholly embraced with those with an eye for the quirky and money to burn. They are the bizarre, and somewhat unexpected mini trend – they are the Fendi Monsters.

As long as you’ve got a little fuzzball with googly eyes attached to your person you’ve got it down – behold my sketches of the little blighters…


Colour Paris 449
Keep Up Rover!


Colour Milan 446
Nap Time


Blinded by the Fright
Blinded by the Fright

And here’s one in person!


And then there were those unadorned by a little furry handbag charm, who walked the walk at New York Fashion Week a little while ago, and followed suit in London and Milan, finally wrapping up in gay Paris yesterday. The women pounding the streets in their ostentatious heels and practical trainers were a varied bunch, but funnily enough there wasn’t much at hand to identify the cities – where once you’d be able to distinguish between a trendy Londoner, chic Parisian or oppulent Milanese lady, there now seems to be a general uniform of anything goes! 

B&WL London
Get the London Look
B&W Paris 447
Parisian Chic
Milanese Manequin
Milan Shoes 448
Gilding the Lily in Milan!

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