Oscars 2014 Best Dressed

Post by T.M.

While I always look forward to red carpet looks, especially the Oscar red carpet, I’ve been internally scowling about the Academy Awards. They are prejudiced, unfair, ‘political’ and the winners are decided by old, white, rich men but – oh! there’s Brad and Angie in the audience, sitting behind Lupita and her brother who are laughing away with Julia who is joking around with seat neighbor and pal Meryl!

Who am I kidding? While I don’t care who wins anymore (well, that’s not entirely true, despite the predictability and silliness of these particular awards, it will always be something to be an Oscar winner) it’s still thrilling to see the A-listers sitting together, patting themselves on the back.

This year, the style was a little bit – blah. There wasn’t a lot of black, which was good, but there was nothing outstanding – except, of course, for star of the night and let’s face it, the whole awards season, Lupita N’yongo. There was a lot of silver and sparkle, which is only right for the glitziest affair of the year -and it’s only March! – and the majority of the women who attended looked fabulous, but sometimes you just need a swan costume (Bjork, not Black Swan) or a huge pink oversized prom dress (here’s looking at you, Gywinne.)

There were some lovely looks though. See below!

pic: e!online

Naturally, Lupita N’ynogo stole the show. The colour, style and minimal accessories were all perfect for this budding, nay, fully fledged fashionista. Top marks!

pic: devoratoridefilm.blogspot.com

And here’s Sandra Bullock doing classic Hollywood and doin’ it goood. She doesn’t usually go for this glamourous look but maybe she should more often?

pic: E!online

Cate Blanchett looked simply radiant. I have a feeling that these light, blush coloured dresses are on the way out (of fashion) and this is its perfect swansong.

pic: E!online

I debated including Amy Adams in the list – it was a toss up between her and Jennifer Lawrence. CM didn’t think that either were particularly worth, she believes that they both went for safe numbers because they knew they wouldn’t win. Well, call me simple (actually, please don’t) but I am a fan of Amy’s choice. Nice, deep, flattering colour, interesting suit-like detail at the top and it looked great in motion.

pic: my-daily.com

So I omitted J-Law and put in another Jennifer instead – Jennifer Garner. She was largely ignored on the night, probably because she wasn’t a nominee (or wife of one…) but she looked just lovely. The tiered skirt, which swished as she moved was smashing and brought what could have been boring dress to another level.

Sienna Miller
pic: http://www.herald-dispatch.com

CM was surprised by this choice too, because of what she thought was the overuse of bangles, but I loved this ensemble! It looks especially good in this photo with its clothes horse Sienna Miller looking confident and happy. Gorgeous orange colour which pairs so well with gold, nice belt detail to make it look less like beach holiday wear and the material looks delicate and light.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
pic: http://www.becauseimfabulous.com

Phew – after that crop top disaster Kerry Washington is back on form, proving that being preggers does not mean you have to hold back on the sexy. The shoes were lovely too, and her hair and make-up topped it all off.

Karen O
pic: weareallmixedup.tumblr.com

One person who did wear black and who can always get away with it because she’s Her was Karen O. Plunging necklines still seem to be the flesh baring technique du jour and it works (for the most part – I’m not even going to go near discussing Kim K’s monstrosity.) One word to sum it up – cool.

Honorable mentions:

Philomena Lee for flying the flag for the Irish and looking absolutely amazing!

Khloe Kardashian yes, Khloe who I would have pictured if she wasn’t a Kardashian. Thems the breaks.

Angelina Jolie who is only mentioned because she looked so natural and smiley and soft.

And finally, the token I’ll-never-win-one-so-I’ll-become-one look:

pic: popcrush.com

Kristin Chenowith

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