Month: March 2014

Smokin’ Hot

Post by T.M. On March 29th 2004 (which will be a whole decade ago this Saturday) something happened that changed Irish society forever. The government introduced a ban on smoking in the workplace – meaning all places of work – although most people remember that date as when all cigarettes, cigars and pieces of apparatus that can […]


Spring Awakening

Post by CM You’ve already seen them haven’t you? Some creeping out with trepidation, others shamelessly, nay proudly, stomping about the place. A pasty, hairy leg here, bra-strap-exposing string top there; the Over-Eagers have arrived along with the first rays of ever so slightly warm sunshine. They’re relatively easy to forget this rainy Thursday, grey […]



Post by T.M. A friend asked me recently do I style spot everyone, everywhere, all the time now since establishing this blog. The answer is yes of course but I have to say I have always been an avid people watcher and have instinctively style-watched long before the birth of Town Mouse Country Mouse. When I was on my […]