Walking the Walk

Post by CM

It’s been a busy week in NYC, what with all the fashion and whatnot and the always reliable street style crew compelled me to get my pen and colouring pencils out and my sketch on. I’ve been too distracted by the comedy jumpers and fun fur to concentrate on what’s actually happening on the runways; the colours and textures wandering around the venues hoping to be snapped have proven irresistible to re-imagine…

Sketch 1 B 071
“Mooooom! Leave me alone!”

“Hmm, what to wear, what to wear, to traipse around in the snow and the rain- I’ve got it! A skimpy dress, no tights and nude bondage boots”. This look gives the impression that this young lady’s mother caught her sneaking off and threw a plaid duffle coat over her shoulders just as the subway door closed on the train from the ‘burbs, and then the bloggers and paps unexpectedly loved it and a new trend was born.

Sketch 4 B 149
“Did the traffic just part in the middle or was that just me?”

In New York, the only way to successfully catch a yellow cab is to don a technicolour dream coat with fur trimming. A designer bag won’t hurt either (indicates ability to pay the fare and leave a hefty tip *taps nose knowingly*) and a cosy scarf will keep you stylishly warm in the three seconds you spend waiting. A giant hailing hand is advised, but optional.

Sketch 3 072
“I’ve got my heels in my bag for later”

The Daily Mail Online nearly wet its knickers when it spotted Victoria Beckham minding her own business walking about in a pair of very nice monochrome brogues. Get over it DM, she wears flats sometimes, we all do! However the trend for trainers is becoming disturbingly prevalent, and I can’t say I’ll be hopping on that bandwagon. Great for models scampering between shows and people who have convinced us all that comfort can be chic, and people who like to exercise… actually maybe I should give them a go!

Sketch 5 B 212
I’ve got all bases covered

They say wear pink to make the boys wink, but this outfit is something of a man repeller, what with its funny combos of tracksuit bottoms (good God), fluffy rose -hued oversized coat, red nails (pink and red is officially a Thing by the way), pom poms – always be prepared – and the now expected pair of trainers. You can say what you like but this individual is probably the most comfortable she’s ever been. Who says pain is beauty?

Sketch 2 151
“White blood-spatter proof overalls are the next big thing”

I know what you’re thinking – finally a face! Look at the fun she’s having getting tangled up in police tape. What a lark! There’s probably a chalk outline just out of shot; these fashion It-girls will do anything to get noticed. It’s Helena Bordon and she’s head to toe in Prada S/S 14. I’ve seen quite a bit of this girly/preppy/sporty looks, with knee-high socks, faux American football shirts and those trainers again.

Here there and everywhere, all the seasons were covered (exactly like in dear ‘ol Eire with all the snow and storms and what have you). On the catwalk it was strictly A/W 14/15 but on the streets it was a brave mix of winter and spring. Pink coats were everywhere – everywhere! – tartan and plaid covered jackets and pants, houndstooth made many surprise appearances (you heard it here first) and layers were pivotal OBVIOUSLY – it’s freezin’! And the central heating is always so very clammy.

All joking aside, the coolest (haha) looks were the kooky, weird colourful ones, always memorable and interesting. So get out there in your mum’s old coat and get sashaying, or slipping, down that runway you call the trip to the shops!


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