Cold Hearted

Post by T.M.

Drew Barrymore is a jack-of-all-trades apparently. Already a celebrated actress, author, screenwriter, film director, producer, model and United Nations ambassador (according to Wikipedia) she can now add two more strings to her bow; photographer and author. For multi-talented Hollywood darling Barrymore has released a booky wook of snaps.

Find It in Everything is a coffee table type offering that is sure to be a best-seller if only for whose name is on the cover. The It of the title refers to the love-heart shape that the philosophically minded actress/model/producer etc etc sees in the most unlikely of places (the shapes her dog’s spots makes when she curls up! A hole in a t-shirt!) and has documented over ten years.

pic from

I’m all for encouraging creativity and applaud those who do rather than say but the idea has made my eyes hurt with all the eye-rolling. To me, a child’s scrapbook holds the same appeal. Cute, but I wouldn’t buy it. But then again, I’ve never been a heart-shape lover.

The shape of the heart as we know it looks nothing like a real heart. But we wouldn’t want this printed all over our Burberry blouses, now would we?

heart-drawingMaybe some people would, just to be a bit different.

The heart symbol, representing love, came into usage in the Middle-Ages. It’s such a simple design and so easily replicated, it makes sweet sense that when one comes across it thoughts of love inevitably enter the mind. Ahhhh.

However, the heart-shape has sadly developed a reputation for being cheesy and not very chic. It has its moments of course, like when Harry Styles wore the same blouse modelled by Karlie Kloss above, and when Mary-Kate and Ashley  wore I ‘heart’ NY t-shirts in the last Olsen twins movie New York Minute (…) but sartorially speaking, in general, the heart-shape has been sullied by its overuse by self-proclaimed girly-girl grown women, as in the likes of those pink velour tracksuit wearing specimens in The Valleys.

MK and Ashley NY

That the heart symbol is so often coloured in a shade of pink is another reason why I tend to avoid it. Although pink is all in this season, it’s such a terribly hard hue to pull off. I certainly couldn’t do it without some very careful consideration. As for pink hearts? They simply have to be worn ironically.

alexa heart dress

Obviously, Alexa Chung has got it right. If the heart shape was ever going to look cool it would be on her. Like CM and I always say, it’s all in the attitude – and in the right styling – so if you want to embrace the heart at the end of the week (see how long it took me to acknowledge that V-day falls on Friday?) take the Chung route and don’t be obvious about it.

 Drew Barrymore

Back to Drew; she wouldn’t five a monkeys that her book has given me a stye. She’s a lovely, romantic, kind old soul who wore a heart-print shirt to her book signing and looked fabulous in it.

Feck it – single, attached or other, there’s no better day than Feb 14th to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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