Dancing to the Sun in Winter

Post by T.M.

I’ve changed, changed utterly, in quite a short space of time. Where this time last week I was excitedly writing about awards frocks and feeling that nice buzz of anticipation that it was only the beginning, at this stage I don’t really care any more. Sure I can still appreciate a good red carpet look and all that, and I will definitely rush to see the horror shows but – sigh – I’m just over glitz and glamour.

That’s why the Sundance Film Festival, which is being held in Utah at this very moment, is such a tonic. Those who attend this celebration of independent flicks rarely dress up – jeans and woolly jumpers are the norm – but of course they still all look great. Maybe it’s because they’re relaxed and chilled out and removed from the Hollywood crap. Utah is a long way away from that sort of thing.

Sundance FilmFestival

Those that attend obviously don’t neglect to consult their stylists however (the women at least) as there is a certain way to dress for this occasion. It is a festival after all and don’t we all know that festivals, no matter how ‘casual’ and ‘thrown together’ they may be invite a specific dress code. Sundance has a comfortable and easy dress code and one suitable for both the cold weather and the multiple photo ops that attendees will inevitably have to endure. I’m enjoying IMDB and EW’s Sundance galleries far more than the ones for the SAG awards, the Producers Guild Awards etc etc etc.

The pretend larking about is irksome though. Sometimes they try too hard to convince us that when they flock to the sticks they all become normal joes, albeit quirky and off-beat joes,  and are all best of friends.

Like in these galleries. You’ll see what I mean: http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20469830_20777076,00.html

Kate Hudson Sundance

I liked this Kate Hudson look. It’s very simple but made smart with her fuzzball of a hat and slick of bright lippy. She could be wearing any type of shoe with those jeans, high or low-heeled, and the outfit would more than likely still look good. I’m imagining sturdy boots, hopefully not with fur because that would be too much but she could change into a pair of any colour pumps later which would more than adequately take her from day to night.

Keira Sundance

I like Keira Knightly‘s ensemble even though it’s all grey and the shoes are kind of weird. It’s just very Sundance and I’m sure it’s warm and comfy. She’s the type that can make dungarees look good so maybe it’s an illusion but – no, I think it just works. It would work for work too, come to think of it.

Zoe Saldana

I think this really is Zoe Saldana just wearing her own cazh (that’s short for casual by the way. Why did I even bother? Oh well.) clothes. This doesn’t look styled, though she looks stylish and gorge as usual. You wouldn’t look out of place wearing something like this in a café or a wine bar.

Rose McG

Now I think that Rose McGowan is taking it a bit far. The red hat, the checked lumber shirt, the lace-up boots with fur – it’s too much. She’s like those girls who went out to buy Hunter wellies and tiny denim shorts for Electric Picnic as soon as they saw all the other cool kids wear them at Body and Soul (whose own looks had in turn been inspired by Kate Moss and later, Millie Mackintosh and her ilk). It’s just too obvious and  try hard. Ms McGowan is making her directorial debut at the festival and I guess she thinks she has to fit in and look the part (and I’m glad she doesn’t have her boobs out, yes, that’s a relief) but for a supposedly creative person she is demonstrating a distinct lack of imagination.

It’s got me thinking about real life. I much prefer the casual-chic look emulated by the likes of Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo to a certain extent. OK, they are not exactly slumming it but they are certainly not dressing up in that awful over-the-top way displayed by the TOWIE people and the Kardashians. I get that some people positively live for spending hours getting ready – doing tan, pinning extra hair to their real hair, applying extra lashes to their real lashes – and it can be a lot of fun from time to time, but – well, I think that’s a discussion for next week.

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