Fashion Pick-Me-Ups for the Blue New.

Post by T.M.

We’re well and truly back into it, aren’t we? Real life I mean. Some might be suffering, others accepting (like me, I’ve been back in active service since last Monday, like in 2013.) and maybe some of you are glad to be back to reality but it’s sadly safe to say that a lot of us will be feeling the post-Christmas blues.

January is notoriously shit. I don’t need to go into it, you know what I mean. Luckily, all readers of this blog will know that there is a certain way to curb that sinking feeling. Retail therapy. (C’mon this is a fashion blog, we’re allowed to say that shopping cures ails.)

Town Mouse Country Mouse Ireland

Ahem. So while this blog does not really encourage people to embrace trends – we’re more about giving a nod towards them but making them your own – there is some form of comfort and satisfaction in being right on the mark fashion-wise, especially in the dark and gloomy days of mid-winter when little joy can be found in, well, anything. Even chocolate and wine can’t help because you’ve vowed to avoid them till Easter.

From here I say we look at a few easily achievable trends of 2014 that will guarantee a little boost to your weary self.

1. Pastels

That’s right, pastels! While pastel colours have always reminded me of early 1990s bridesmaid dresses (and my debs dress, but that’s another story) they are big news this spring. Seen all over the the catwalk  from DKNY to Richard Nicholl, the lighter shades were a breath of fresh air among prints and block colour. Pastels can be incorporated into other trends too – they look great on pleated skirts – in fact, CM rocks a lilac number of our Nana’s – and are confusingly sexy/ladylike on sheer. Laura Ashley it ain’t.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

2. Wide Legged Pants

CM has a real knack for snapping pieces up a million seasons before anyone else does to wear immediately or have in reserve to use when the time is right. She even claims to have invented the upside-down handkerchief top, much like the one Jennifer Aniston wore in 1999 to the SAG Awards, but again that’s another story.

Some of you may have seen the outfit she wore on Christmas Day; wide-legged tan coloured pants and a smart grey jumper. Kind of 1970s Foxy Brown meets Susan from The Parent Trap (original). She looked grrrreat and received plentys the compliment. For good reason too – wide legged pants like hers have slowly been re-entering our fashion stratosphere and those who already have a pair, well you deserve a slow clap.

Ignore the one on the left

3. Sweaters

Actually, let’s take another look at CM’s Christmas Day outfit. Why? Because of her jumper, Goddammit! Something like that is perfect for the coming months. You can pair with your wide-legged pants (naturally), with jeans – CM’s jumper would look nice with those jeans I’m wearing (also CMs). I’m pretty enamoured by the outfit Alexa Chung wore to her book signing in New York. Funnily enough, CM snapped up a jumper just like this one in a charity shop when we visited Edinburgh…she’s a regular fashion oracle! Must do some wardrobe raiding next time I go go West.

Alexa Jumper
Form an orderly queue please – I saw a skirt just like this one in Pennys.

4. Floral prints

Please tell me you bought something in floral print last year, because if not you will be royally kicking yourself. Prints of the flowery kind are back once again. I feel like I’ve been harping on about floral all year but it seems like it’s the trend that won’t go away. Now normally I’m not a girly girl, but I think flowers on clothes are loverly in winter since there’s not much sign of them in nature. Set against a backdrop of grey, they really stand out. Let’s take over from tress and bushes and wear the flowers ourselves.

Elie Saab S/S 2014 Pic courtesy of
Elie Saab S/S 2014
Pic courtesy of

And now you can draw a sigh of relief. Please don’t let the January blues get the better of you; it’s just a silly old month and it will be gone soon.

Have a happy and healthy new year!

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