Back to Black

Post by CM

January has arrived, the traditional month of the gloom after the glamour. No money left after the splurging, depressing but practical resolutions to consider, it’s inevitably raining buckets; and so it goes on. What better way, then, to reflect your mood than turning back to faithful, flattering, not at all fun-filled black. 

Yes, it’s probably a better idea to up your mood a bit in the bright pastels and pretty prints of the season, but let’s indulge our moody selves for a little while longer. And while saying that, look how Doris Day works her top to toe daytime black? She appears really quite cheerful!

Doris Day Midnight Lace
Doris Day in Midnight Lace

While it’s the time of year to look forward, for a minute cast your mind back to 2010, when Alexa Chung made every best-dressed list when she appeared at the Met Gala in a modified tuxedo. It’s so simple, and so easy to update – everyone has a pair of black trousers and a black jacket, and you could just swap those sandals for a pair of pointy courts or mannish brogues. Perfect for no-nonsense, no-fuss dressing up or down, and adding a traditional slick of red-lipstick adds a touch of femininity.

"American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity" Met Gala - Arrivals
Alexa Chung at the Met Gala 2010

It’s easy to say black is boring, but see how versatile it can be? Take the LBD; it’s true that everyone should have one in their wardrobe in case of emergency – in a classic silhouette it can be accessorised to suit any ocassion, not least ( and I know it’s a little morbid to bring up, but it is really important to have something suitable at hand) a funeral.

Black displays its versatility

Every season has its own take on the LBD and this year is no different, with texture being a main player. Leather (or leather-look) dresses are still perfectly acceptable to step out in and still look ahead of the curve.

Summer is a distant prospect, and not usually associated with black, but again it’s really handy to have a loose go-with-everything black summer dress for when everything else is stained with SPF lotion or ice-cream.

A casual throw-on black t-shirt dress is another useful addition to your wardrobe for those ‘I really, really don’t have anything to wear’ days. It’s great for layering and can be teamed with just about anything.

Four Weddings
The smug Sloane look is so in this year

Black can also be a bit mischievous – whenever there’s an expectation for something bright and fun, like a baby shower or engagement party black can make you stand out in that superior, aloof way that everyone frowns upon but secretly aspires to. It may be your own private in-joke but it’s kind of fun; there’s a whole generation of Emo kids for a reason. Chip on shoulder optional.

So Happy New Year everyone! Lots of exciting things for TMCM Ireland to look forward to in 2014, I hope yours will be a year filled with opportunity, prosperity and good fortune!

grouchy vicky b
It’s obvious who’s secretly having the most fun here


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