Mistletoe and Wine

Post by T.M.

Mistletoe and Wine

You know how the song goes don’t you? It’s sung by the biggest selling artist of all time Cliff Richard, so you must know it. I always remember the video to this ‘Christmas classic’ (which was banned from being played in Costa Coffee FYI – because everyone hates it so much apparently) as it was on an old video tape that we had of the BBC’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe that we played over and over and over and over again. 

If you’re not already listening to Christmas music while you read this; here, bang it on and sing along and get in the spirit. Fa la la la la! This time next week it will be Christmas Eve!

Fun fact – Cliff was not singing about the alcoholic beverage when he belted out this track – he meant the colour*. The colour of wine. The colour of Christmas.

I know, I know, red and green are traditionally the colours one would associate with the festive season but wear them during Christmas and you will look like an elf. Wine is a much more flattering shade on most people (great for you if you can pull off red or green OR both together – now that’s rare) and it’s everywhere this year. It was everywhere last year too so, hurray; you can recycle last year’s Christmas outfits. Just make sure to accessorise differently and wear your hair a different way. Obviously. 

Town Mouse wine pants Christmas
Last Christmas I wore these wine trousers and the very next day I didn’t give them away.

Luckily, there are multiple shades of wine for us to choose from – you don’t have to match what you’re wearing to your tipple. See pic above for proof. It does, however, have to be of the red grape variant…although now that I think of it, champagne is a Christmassy colour too. See pic above for proof.

Pic Credit: Dave Benett
Pic Credit: Dave Benett

Alexa Chung’s outfit is also from last year and well look at that, it’s not too dissimilar from mine. (I could do with getting an overcoat like that though and so could you. Don’t argue, you could.) Back to the wine though – see how festive it looks without being cheesy? It is a great colour to match to other items in your winter wardrobe as Ms. Chung has demonstrated.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Wine is often presumed to be a brunette’s colour but blondes can easily carry it off too, as can brave red-heads. While I’m not crazy about Malin Ackerman’s ensemble, even though she’s rocking wine AND this year’s slip dress trend, I like her sassy attitude. When you display confidence, or at least give off the air of confidence, you actually could wear red and green together and not end up looking like this:

It's terrifying
Oh God, It’s terrifying.

I would recommend using the colour sparingly, usually just one item of wine is enough. If you insist on wearing your LBD this year, which admittedly we all probably will end up doing given the number of parties and events we have to really want to attend, wine coloured nail polish looks good and wine lipstick can edge the look up a bit. A wine coloured handbag is also one of the handiest items you could own this Christmas.

Rose B Wine Outfit
Of course rules are made to be broken.
Hats off to you Rose Byrne.

Remember – Christmas is a time for sharing. If you have any style tips for the silly season that you think could be of benefit please do let us let us know below. Stay merry!

*Not really.

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