The Gallery Question

Post by T.M

They’re funny, the thoughts that run through your head when clothes shopping. I always think about what I can pair with the item I have my eye on, whether it matches anything else in my wardrobe – and if I could wear the potential item to a gallery opening. 

There’s a certain kind of look one should rock to a gallery opening. The universal gallery opening dress code is cool but smart, put together yet laissez-faire, preferably unique and oftentimes, black. That is why I think it is a great idea to ask the gallery question if you are stuck about whether or not to buy something. The question is also a fantastic guideline for those who are unsure of their personal style.
Classic 90s gallery style. Polo-necks are still a typicl gallery opening choice – don’t mind Christina Ricci’s unimpressed face.  
Saoirse Ronan announced the winner of this year’s prestigious Turner Prize this evening and all day long I wondered how she would be dressed. Apologies for the poor image below, but it’s the best I could find. Here is Saoirse presenting the prize to winner, French artist Laure Prouvost (for her installation Wantee.)
Turner Prize
Well…it’s a nice black dress. The sleeves make it more interesting than a boring LBD though and the cut out at the throat adds another dimension. Saoirse makes it work with her hair and make-up and I have to say it’s a thoroughly suitable presenter’s outfit. I could also see it on a middle-aged mom at a Christmas Eve get-together though, just sayin’.
Laure Prouvost  is wearing something a lot more ‘artist at her opening’ style outfit and it looks great on her. I quite like that shawl that looks like a large piece of paper malarky she has slung across her shoulders. I’m sure I could come up with something like that myself…
Lauren Laverne has hosted a special Turner Prize show for Channel 4 for the past few years. Lauren is also a fashion columnist for The Guardian and a former pop star (!) and she clearly knows the answer to the Gallery Question. Here she is presenting the Prize show in 2011.
Lauren Lavern Turnre Prize
Although this picture was taken 2 years ago, it would still look just as good today. It’s not trendy, it’s just cool and it really suits Lauren. Take note of the simple but detailed blouse, statement necklace and gorgeous deep red nails, it’s Gallery Question perfection.
I want to be there or there. Do you? Do you care?

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