Hats All Folks

Post by C.M.

Why is it that we as a collective don’t wear hats anymore? I was recently told that JFK heralded the end of the hat era for men; by not wearing one himself the trend for topping off a gentleman’s ensemble died out. I love a good hat myself, and they shouldn’t be confined to bobbled woolies in winter (but more on that later).

Hosting Duties – CM with Siobhan Holliman

I finally got to don a headpiece in a non-Races or wedding environment last Friday, at the Tuam branch of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Ultimate Pre-Christmas Fashion and Image Event (try saying all that quickly a few times after a couple of glasses of complimentary prosecco!). I was asked by a friend and committee member to get on board, and what started as a small image consulting night morphed into a full-on fashion show with yours truly as co-host along with seasoned MC Siobhan Holliman, Lifestyle and Deputy Editor of The Tuam Herald.

It was a night that went without a hitch, showcasing the Christmas party gear and everyday duds to get you through the season from lovely boutique The Hidden Closet, super store The Outlet, well established shoe shops Luke O’Briens and Pat Lane’s, not to mention milliners Margaret Costelloe and Caitriona King (who made my little number) Vanity Hair and Beauty (where I go to get my hair did!), Curly Bobs Hair and Beauty and make-up artistes extrodinaire Ger Kealy Cunnife and Sandra Mullen.

BPW Tuam Committee

It was a really enjoyable night organised by superwoman incoming Head of BPW Ireland Caroline Downey, helped by the dedicated and very active committee.

Winner Fiona Flaherty Costelloe and Mandy Maher

The style was abundant on the night, with the attending ladies pulling out all the stops to be awarded the title of Best Dressed. There really was a lot of competition – aren’t we always saying that country chic is often overlooked on the larger scale? Well this night was a certain indicator that Galway girls are not to be trifled with in their sartorial choices! In the end it was Fiona Flaherty Costelloe who won the title, awarded by well known stylist Mandy Maher of Catwalk Modelling agency. She would have been my pick as well, had I had a say – her neon green midi dirndl skirt was amazing.

The whole shebang really drove home for me that shopping local isn’t only necessary to keep our community alive, but also essential for bargain hunting! I can honestly say I coveted at least one item from each establishment that displayed their wares, and the magic the hair and make-up ladies can weave is second to none!

All the above photos are courtesy of Photographer Martina Regan


So, delighted to wear my head-piece (and with all the compliments I received on it) I have decided to get in on the hat act. A recent trip to Dublin left me in possession of a vintage angora wool fedora style hat which I love and wear inside (my freezing cold office) and out. Having quite a miniature head, finding a hat of that variety that fits properly is usually a task beyond my reach, but this one fits like a glove. And it’s a gorge forest green to boot.

It is green I swear. And I haven’t just spotted a bird or a plane, I’m in doors you sillies.
Hair pretending to be veil for a minute
jil sander
Jill Sander S/S12

Another new hat of mine is of the bobble variety, and in my favourite colour, grey. Grey goes with everything, and contrary to popular opinion it’s the hue of choice for fabulous French ladies in the know, not draining black. I am very tempted to grab a bit of netting and attaching it as an ode to the veiled Jill Sander Beanie. Looks easy, no? At the risk of being a tiny bit ridick.

Oh who cares, no one wears hats any more anyway so everyone will be looking at you , veil or no. First stop fascinator, next top-hat. I’m game if you are!


  1. silverbrogues

    I love any excuse to wear a hat! Recently saw a beautiful one but it was £30 and just wasn’t sure if I’d get the wear out of it. Thinking I need it now;)

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