Romancing the Stone

Post by C.M.

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what of emeralds and sapphires and rubies? What about gems and pearls? What even about glass beads or tarnished ‘gold’ that turns your ear-lobes or finger an interesting shade of green? Whatever your fancy, whatever your budget, jewellery can often make or break an outfit.

As mentioned by TM in the previous post, we were both at the RHA for a series of fashion talks hosted by, an online shop offering the wares of a number of independent jewellery designers. There was such gorgeous work on display at the pop-up shop we ravenously patroned after the event I had to whip out the old camera phone and document a selection before they were all snapped up.

A selection from Coldlilies pop-up shop in the RHA
Opaque Twist Cuff by Lisa McCormack
Opaque Twist Cuff by Lisa McCormack, modelled by the lovely TM
Necklaces by Tatty Devine
Necklaces by Tatty Devine
Kat and Bee Ring
Kat and Bee Ring

All the above is available at except for TM. She ain’t for sale.

I couldn’t do a post on jewellery without mentioning Goldsmith Eva Dorney. She’s based in Dublin 14 and specialises in engagement and wedding rings and unique gifts based on a collaboration between customers. I love that as far as the marital aspect is concerned they’re a modern twist on a traditional institution, and because they’re made to order your token of commitment is going to be completely personal, not to mention one-of-a kind. These are high-end pieces made to an extremely professional standard, but an incredible investment for the discerning customer with impeccable taste and an eye for quality.

Ring by goldsmith Eva Dorney
Ring by Goldsmith Eva Dorney

On the other end of the spectrum if you, like I, basically have only one little black dress to take you through party season just stock up on cheap and cheerful thrills from the High Street. I know I won’t be too bothered if I lose an earring in the throes of rocking out on the dance floor if it only cost me €2 from Penneys; buy a few and keep another set in your bag!

I have a habit of sticking to the same old necklace and earrings, in addition to sometimes sticking on some tried and tested Topshop danglies for an evening out, but this season calls for bigger and brighter sparkles, to pair with a snuggly jumper during the day and to dress up a simple but flattering top at night. I picked up beauty in the pic below Born Clothing for €25!

Necklace from Born, €25
Born has outlets in Tuam, Galway city, Athone, Thurles, Laois, Naas and Limerick

Don’t forget to consult your jewellery box (or that of your mother, sister, aunt, friend..!) for chic daytime looks; there’s probably loads of gifts that you’ve forgotten about that would be perfect for fancy Christmas Eve-eve drinks or New Year’s lunch. No harm in popping into your local jewellers for a look-see as well, plenty have great pre-Christmas offers and present ideas you won’t be able to resist bagging for yourself!

** Don’t miss CM at the BPW Ultimate Pre-Christmas Image & Fashion Event in The Corralea Court Hotel, Tuam Co. Galway this Friday 22nd from 7.30pm!**

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