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Post by T.M.

This Saturday just gone CM and I attended a great trio of fashion talks organised by  and held in the absolutely perfect location for the occasion, the Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) in Dublin city centre. I really, really love that space and am going to take this brief opportunity to recommend you check it out next time you are in the vicinity.

Pic courtesy of

Moving on, predictably, all guest speakers (which included designers Danielle Romeril and Natalie B Coleman, stylist Aisling Farinella, Sive O’Brien from Image Magazine, boy-wonder photographer Conor Clinch and bloggers Becky and Ciara from Concrete Collar and Burn the Blonde’s Sarah Doyle) and guests were impeccably styled in their own unique ways. What struck me though, was the laid back, casual approach that the majority of the well put together ladies (and couple of men) took. Make-up was expertly applied but was pared back, outfits had obviously been planned but in an Alexa Chung just off the bedroom floor kind of way, and hairs were allowed to be out of place.

To my surprise it got me thinking about Fearne Cotton, the BBC presenter and face of quirky-casual. There are a million little mini-Fearnes traipsing around the UK and Ireland, copying her vintage/rock chick look but I was never really one of them. Until, maybe, now.

Fearne is snapped nearly every day on her way to work so she has obviously been forced to make an effort even though she works in radio. That’s kindof shit for her, but it turns out it is great for the rest of us because her autumnal outfits of late are perfect. What’s more, they are easily copied. Everything I see her in I have something similar in my wardrobe and she is often seen in the same pieces, just styled differently. It turns out she’s my kind of gal!

Fearne Cotton boyfriend jeans, leopard print shoes

This is a look that anyone can emulate.

It’s so simple and yet looks so chic. What have we? Jumper, scarf, boyfriend jeans (or old baggy jeans rolled up – same thing) and printed heels. No one need rush off to the shops to reproduce this outfit.

Just don’t forget the blow-dry and sunnies and you’re good to go, from day to casual night out.

Fearne Cotton light blue dress

Another look with pieces anyone may have in their wardrobe. So, so simple.

Black tights, check.

Blazer, got it.

Colourful dress, ok!

It must be said that Fearne makes it work with her particular colour coordination. The light blue dress is a winner, and it’s a bit unusual. It looks really well with the grey jacket and those sunglasses? They complete the look.

Those boots she’s wearing are a favourite pair of Fearnes’ (I only know this because I come across her pap snaps frequently, for work, I’m not a stalker, promise!) and if I was to advise anyone to buy something of hers that they didn’t have if would be something like these. They go with skirts long and short and jeans and suit day or night occasions.

(Photo by Simon James/FilmMagic)
(Photo by Simon James/FilmMagic)

I rejoiced when I saw this look.

I have something like every piece she is wearing but have never styled them together like this. It looks good, n’est-ce pas?

Because I can’t afford a new coat this winter (tiny violins playing all around) I have been stuck with wearing my green jacket (almost identical to Fearne’s version) and it’s been getting me down. Not any more!

There are ways, as Fearne is demonstrating, to make it look chic and that is what I’ll do.

It really is about the way you wear something, not about what you wear.

FC blue coat

There is that light blue colour again! (You see, you really don’t need a pink coat this season. As well as my green jacket over cardigan look, I’m bringing out my ancient grey swing coat and will be styling it with light colours. Instantly updated. Hurray!)

Also, spot the boots?

I know that when Fearne takes that gorgeous coat off she will be dressed all in black, but the pattern on her jumper breaks it up, as does the texture of her skirt and her bare legs. Hmm, I wonder did she read my previous post about How To Look Cool in the Cold?

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