Style Icons: You Oughta Know

Post by C.M.

Marvelous news for all you who were once angsty teens listening to Jagged Little Pill on repeat, learning the lyrics by heart (while being a bit red-faced doing the ‘wine, dine, 69’ bit)  – Alanis Morissette’s seminal angry grrrl album is to be made into a Broadway musical. For reals, here’s a statement from the original Robin Sparkles herself (you know that before she was a poster girl for pissed off chicks with guy troubles she was a Candadian pop star, right?):

“I look forward to taking the heart of Jagged Little Pill and expanding its story, fleshing it out into ever deeper layers of emotionality, specificity, humanity, power, physicality, spirit and fabulism.”


Those were the days, with the cassette player on constant pause, album sleeve in hand to sing along and realise that you had a comrade to help you through the pain of that unrequited crush/Junior Cert life choice/massive chin-spot tragedy. The attire was long hair topped by a beanie, a t-shirt over long-sleeved top, loose fitting pants and converse or your school uniform jumper with requisite holes in the cuffs of the sleeves, increasingly baggy knee socks, rolled up skirt, but always accessorised by heavy eyeliner and an angry, misunderstood glare.

These days we can be sartorially inspired by Alanis in an alternative way, and as she is bringing JLP into the 21st Century, so shall we…

Head Over Feet:

With winter having arrived attention has been abrubtly turned towards head warming hats. There’s so much choice out there; pop on a bobble hat for that cutesie look, a skull-cap will keep you snug, ear-muffs will protect your sensitive audio-receptors, but have you considered a fedora? It will save your face from make-up misery when you’re caught in drizzle and looks great over slightly unkempt hair caught up in a big scarf.

Image Courtesy of Vogue
Image Courtesy of Refinery 21
And the boys can get in on the act too! 

Hand in my Pocket: 

Dresses, both for day and night, are big news in winter. But do you ever miss your pair of jeans or pants that have a little something extra in which you can store your spare change or lipstick? With these dresses you can, for they contain pockets! Never has an item of clothing looked so chic and been so practical!

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of
This Topshop dress is party perfect for £90! (Image courtesy of Vogue)
This Topshop dress is party perfect for £90! (Image courtesy of Vogue)

Right Through You:

Did you know that the sheer trend is still a thing? Well it is! In this weather it can get a bit nippy (hehe), so team your sheer blouse with a pretty camisole or a nude coloured vest. Jaimie Alexander wore an extremely sheer dress to a Thor: The Dark World premiere, but you can tone yours down to something a little safer. Not to mention warm. Rooney Mara wore on-trend winter white to the Her premiere and something like this would be unexpected and eye-catching at a fancy Christmas Party or New Years event. A novelty jumper will still suffice for the 12 Pubs. And speaking of…

Burberry. Photo: Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images
Burberry. Photo: Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images
Jamie Alexander
Jaimie Alexander. Photo Courtesy of Celebuzz
Rooney Mara


…At this point we all know that Alanis got it a bit wrong when she declared that rain on your wedding day is ironic – it’s just a bit of an inconvenience really. If you want to be truly ironic, in a hipstery, knowing fashion, snap yourself up a slogan jumper like the Bambi sweater from Givenchy (similar ones are all over the Hight Street) or even better, scoot into Penneys and pick up a t-shirt with Justin Bieber’s face smeared on the front!

Har-dee-har (ho ho ho?)
Image Courtesy of

Now a tribute to the woman who started it all. Don’t say you never put this on full blast in the car and jumped around like she did.

P.S. Plaits are still big, see how Alanis styled hers here!!

Oh, and I almost forgot:

Alanis 1991 We all go through the awkward teenage phases, hers just happened to be influenced by Tiffanni
Alanis 1991
We all go through an awkward teenage phase, hers just happened to be influenced by Tiffany


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