Big Bad Wolf

Post by C.M.

I’m going to talk about Love/Hate. Not the show that has everyone raging about a dead cat and a real-life Garda playing a pretend Garda, but the fashion community’s love/hate relationship with the contentious subject of fur. If you dare walk around in real fur these days chances are you’re going to be a little wary; think sheep dressed in wolves’ clothing on the lookout for paint wielding PETA, rather than the more typical vice versa.

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There’s an argument for the use of vintage fur – why let it be confined to the back of a wardrobe to collect moth holes when the real damage has already been done long, long ago? – but most people these days are turned off by the very thought of it. It’s just a bit… icky. The horror and backlash against the maiming of that cat on the aforementioned tv programme (by the way, does anyone else sniff an IFTA?), and said kitty’s subsequent appearance on The Late Late Show to reassure everyone of its rude health is proof enough that we are a nation of animal lovers.*

Winter is coming…

But fashion houses continue to use the material, Vogue still features it on its pages and those who can afford it are still buying it. It seems moot however, somewhat old-fashioned; in this day and age faux fur has increased its quality in leaps and bounds. Just as warm and cosy, without the hefty price tag and moral dilemma, faux fur can add a touch of fun and glamour to your winter wardrobe without the weighty thought at the back of your mind that you’re wearing 101 Dalmations.

Down Boy!

I recently found this huge H&M faux fur scarf in a black plastic bag full of stuff bound for the charity shop that I got first refusal of. I looooove it, it’s so snuggly and cosy. Because there was such a drizzly, miserable start to yesterday I wore it with a chunky knit, boots and a raincoat. But it still kind of looks like a sad dead animal in this pic. And that is certainly not the look I’m going for. I wear my faux with pride, I do!

If you go down to the woods today…

Styled with my beloved rainbow of grey it looks a little less like I’m carting a carcass around my person. Silver shoes and skinny jeans bring the look into the 21st Century, but a Chanel-esque cardi trimmed in (also faux) leather keeps it classic. I feel like a Russian Oligarch in this, hiding in the forest from Rasputin.

(My history may be rusty.)


Speaking of rusty, I received this gorge foxy collar from TM last Christmas Day, and wore it most days afterwards. I would have worn it in summer but that was pushing it, even in this climate. This is perfect for late autumn. I often put it with a little caramel colour pleather jacket (stolen from the sis), but while it’s still miraculously, inconceivably mild I like it with this brown jumper, burnt-orange skirt, tights and sandals as a tribute to the colours of the fallen leaves.

There’s a restored fur coat that once belonged to my grandmother languishing in the closet right at this moment, which is as enticing and sumptuous and pretty gorgeous as you may reluctantly have thought. If it gets truly, awfully, Ice Age cold like it did in 2010 I will gladly wear it and share it, but  – considering how this A/W13 has been so far – for now I’ll happily be sticking with my faux.

* On that note: For our non-Irish readers – A Garda is a police officer, Love/Hate is an Irish-made gangster drama that’s really very good, and gaining popularity beyond our Emerald Isle and an IFTA is an Irish Oscar!


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