Red Setter – A Gosh Review

Post by T.M.

Last Saturday CM joined me in Dublin for a wonderful bloggers meet-up organised by the truly lovely Samantha Johnston from We were enchanted to meet a number of gorgeous bloggers and were delighted to see a make-up demonstration by Niamh Martin from and hear a most informative talk from editor of Michelle McMahon.

I would love to tell you about all of the brilliant goodies we got in the THREE goody bags we each received but it’s that time of year – cold and flu time – and I have succumbed so for this week’s post I have to limit myself to just one set. More info next week!

The Cosmetic Outlet ( supplied us with a host of amazing essential (yes, essentials) including a Gosh make-up bag that hid a mascara, nail polish and lip shine.


Paul, the Cosmetic Outlet boss man insists that he only stocks products that he believes in and I believe him. Although Gosh is on overlooked make-up brand in this country, I love the products that came in the pouch and I have since started to use the roomy and conveniently sized pouch as my day-time make-up bag. It doesn’t hurt that the siren red colour makes it easy to find in my cavernous sack!

goshpolishFirst up, the nail polish which came in shade 60 Lambada. It brushed on so so easily, one swipe will do with another to add volume and the colour is the perfect shade of pillar box red.nail

The lip gloss, Volume Lip Shine in 05 Red Stilletto is a lot lighter than it looks from the bottle, but it applies wonderfully. It feels like a balm on the lips, is thick without being gloopy and gives thin lips like mine a filler-effect boost.

The Show Me Volume Mascara does just that. I would compare it with the Clarins I use daily (but can’t read which range because it has rubbed off, oops!) and at a fraction of the price I will be going for it next time I actually have to buy mascara (I know have 3 new tubes thanks to my Blogger Party haul, hurrah!).


Separately from the red set, I received a Gosh trio eye shadow in TR17 Purple Dream and I absolutely adore it. I wore it Saturday night and got compliments from people who would never usually  comment on such mascarathings. An absolute winner.

I’ll leave it there for this week, with apologies. For those of you who feel poorly, and I’m sure there are a few of you – it’s the season for it after all – get well soon. For those of you in good health, why don’t you comment below to let us know your trick!

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