Young Whippersnappers

Post by C.M.

I’ve never been an avid diary keeper. If ever I received one in my Christmas stocking I’d begin it eagerly on January 1st, diligently keep it up for a week or two and then entries would filter out as life became boring again after the holidays, until somewhere in the middle of March the pages would continue to remain blank and unloved, and then would come a shopping list in June or a note-to-self in September. My first attempt at age 6 is barely legible, my pre-pubescent attempts are full of woe and I gave up completely in my mid-teens, for good, bar a travel journal I kept in my early twenties.

What I did like to do, however, was leave little notes in books for my future self. This unknown, glamorous, fabulously wealthy grown-up Country Mouse was imagined to have deep regard and respect for the maturity beyond her years of her former ingenue. As it happens my future is not as sophisticated and rich as I had ambitiously imagined but in retaliation my memories of my 16 year old self are less of an enlightened and forward-thinking up-start and more hormonal eejit with bad hair.

So it is my great dis-pleasure to behold the parade of teens in Hollywood who won’t have to face-palm whenever they’re faced with a picture of their formative years. No sartorial missteps for this crowd, oh no. I’m not usually given to wardrobe envy, but when I spy a 15-year-old attached to a Michael Kors handbag my blood can’t help but begin to boil. It’s basic, Junior Cert. science.

Kiernan Shipka

Miss Sally Draper is one I have a (grudging) respect for. At thirteen she dresses immaculately, pairing cute peter-pan collared dresses in pastel shades with flats, managing to make women twice her age jealous of her closet but all the while remaining age-appropriate.

Bella Thorne

I’m not entirely sure who Bella Thorne is (a Disney star maybe?) but what I do know is that she’s been spotted on a myriad of red carpets over the past year. She just turned 16, but to my mind she looks at least 5 years older. Her dressed-up attire is usually on the short and skimpy side, but again she keeps it sweet with light, innocent colours. You should check out the shoes she sports though, those platforms must add 6 inches to her height!

Elle Fanning

The younger Fanning girl is already a respected actress and is still only fifteen. She’s also a burgeoning fashinista, taking cute and quirky risks with her clothes choices, similarly to her sis Dakota.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Moretz kind of annoys me, but I think it’s because she’s got more poise than I have, and I’m ten (ahem) years older than her. Her casual wear is chic and simple and she usually gets the dress-code spot on when attending events.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee was an Oscar nominee at 14, and thus was thrust into the spotlight at a very young age. Her style choices have become more daring as she grows older – I love the Kenzo eye dress – and she seems to remain humble and gracious. That is, like one of those amiable girls in school who had great skin, shiny hair, nice clothes, good grades and sporting prowess . In other words, my secret nemeses.

It’s hard to be in the public eye, and I imagine it’s even harder when you’re a youngster battling puberty. No doubt it’s easy for these impressionable young girls to start dressing beyond their years, especially when influential designers start flinging their wares at them. That saying, it’s just as easy for curmudgeonly old saddos like me to begrudge them. Purely out of respect for our not-so-stylish (yet equally as grumpy) past selves, of course.

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